There are a lot of things we usually postpone for “better time”. However, this better time is now and it’s never too late for taking care of your environment and yourself. In spring, days become longer and warmer.

You Should Do Before Summer

This gives us more opportunities to manage everything planned. In this article, we gathered:

10 important things you should do before summer

1. Get fit

Spring is a perfect time to lose weight. Even if you don’t have excess pounds, it would be nice to just start doing exercises from time to time. In this case, you feel cheerful and full of energy in summer.

Get fit in Summer

2. Start taking vitamins

There is no escape from spring vitamin deficiency. Even if you still don’t feel it (nails, hair, and skin are in order), this doesn’t mean that your body gets enough vitamins. Ask your doctor about vitamin supplements that will help you feel better.

Start taking vitamins in Summer

3. Clean up the apartment

The stronger the sun shines, the less you want to spend time with a vacuum cleaner and a mop. However, it’s high time to clean up your home. Wash the windows and remove the woolen blanket away. If you want a radical change, buy a new bedspread and bright colored pillows. Feel that the brightest time of year is coming.

Clean up the apartment in Summer

4. Buy a bicycle

If you wanted to buy a bicycle for a long time, you can do it right now. In spring, the choice is better and the prices are quite low. However, don’t forget to pump up your wheels in a hurry.

5. Replace sweets with fruit

Spring provides us with first fruit and berries. Don’t miss your chance to try the first strawberries that begin to appear in stores. Moreover, fresh fruit contains a lot of vitamins. So get rid of all cakes or cookies and include more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

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6. Think over your vacation

Do you already know where to go this summer? If not, then now is the time to look through the catalog places you want to visit and select one of them. Buying tours in advance is much more profitable and the mood usually improves significantly from planning a summer vacation.

7. Buy a sunscreen

To stay on the safe side, it is better to buy sunscreen in advance. Even if the sun is not so bright yet, it could affect your skin. That’s why it is important to get the necessary protection.

Buy a sunscreen in Summer

8. Arrange a photoshoot

Spring is a really magical time of the year especially when all the trees are in bloom. That’s why if you dream about photos near a snow-white apple tree or a beckoning lilac, you can ask your girlfriend or boyfriend about a spring photo shoot. However, you should think about the concept of the photoshoot in advance. In addition to beautiful photos, you will surely enjoy a wonderful walk in the blooming park or countryside.

Arrange a photoshoot in Summer

9. Change your clothes

Look at all those floral print dresses and bright skirts that beckon you from store windows. Don’t refuse the joy of creating your own spring-summer collection for this year. You actually can buy the things you dreamed about in the winter. Don’t forget about the shoes. There is a huge variety of styles and colors of summer shoes and you will definitely find the pair you like.

10. Change your hairstyle

If you are ready to change your look, don’t postpone it until June. You can visit a hairdresser to make a trendy haircut now. Changing hair color can also bring you a feeling that the summer is coming. Moreover, the bright hair color will emphasize your individuality and creativity.