SEO is definitely an important player in the digital marketing world. If you are planning to improve your ranking along with the visibility on search engines, then you have to pay attention on this. SEO is having two further division such as Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. These both practices are done side by side to get the satisfactory results.

In this blog we will be looking at the important steps that need to be done to keep up your On-Page SEO in 2019.

Let’s get started On-Page SEO Elements :

Title Tags
You need to start your title tag with the keywords. The keyword at the start will be given more preference in search engine.

SEO-friendly URLs
You need to use the SEO-friendly URLs. Make your URLs keyword rich but short.

Modify Your Titles
You need to modify your titles by adding catchy words like 2019, guide, review, buy, and much more.

H1 Tag
Your title should be your H1 tag. Most CMS like Word press add your title as H1 tag. You need to click on your site code to ensure that your title is getting the H1 tag.

Add Videos, images & Diagrams
You need to use engaging images, videos, and diagrams to reduce your bounce rate.

H2 Tags
You need to wrap up your sub heading in H2 tags.

Place Keyword
Place your keywords in first 100 words.

Mobile Friendly Site
Your website design should be mobile-friendly so it is recommended to have responsive design.

Outbound Links
Use outbound links. These links will help Google to figure out your page’s topic.

internal Linking
It is better to integrate 2 to 3 internal links in your every post.

Loading Speed
You also need to increase the loading speed of your website for increase Website Visitors

LSI Keywords
Sprinkle some LSI keywords in your text.

Optimize images
You need to optimize your images as well. Ensure you keyword is the part of Alt text.

Social Sharing Buttons
You need to embed social share button on your website.

Lengthy Content
Try to create lengthy content that offer value to your reader.

improve Time
You need to improve your well time.

These were the sixteen important things that need to be done for improving your On-Page SEO in 2019. Try them out for better results.