Your living room is one place where you spend most of your time. And where you want to do anything and everything. Work, eat, and watch television, rest, study. Not surprisingly, decorating this space with so many functions can be very difficult. Especially when the space is small.

Which furniture, which room sets should you choose, and how do you balance the amount of stuff you want to experience?

31 tips for furnishing your small

In this Idea book we show you 30 examples where the residents have handled the limited space, they have in the living room conveniently and practically.

Here are 31 Tips For small living room

1.  White
White is always a good choice if the space is small. Add color in accessories such as a rug or cushions to bring more warmth into the room.

2.  Organize space
A small space can easily be divided into different areas with furniture or carpet. With a carpet, you create a cozy sitting area and the sofa forms a partition with the dining table.

3.  Lighting
Have a good lighting plan installed by one of our professionals. This is how you create the perfect atmosphere for every movie!

4.  Mix the colors
Colors largely determine the atmosphere in a small room. Don’t you have much room? Then use bright and contrasting colors so that every element in your room gets the same attention.

5.  Store
A large wall cabinet is ideal for storing all your belongings. Give everything your place and your room is always tidy. On the open shelves, you put beautiful accessories and stuff you are attached to.

6.  Unobtrusive
The television in this room seems to be part of a collection of paintings and doesn’t stand out at all! A convenient way to get the TV going in the area!

7.  as in the film
Having a home theater isn’t as complicated as it looks. All you have to do is set up a room or an empty corner with comfortable chairs, good lighting, and thick curtains.

8.  Shades of Grey
Shades of grey always do well in any interior. They give a space a stylish and quiet look. Extra lively you make it with different textures, soft color accents, and subtle lighting.

9.  Balance
In this example we can see how dividing the area by area will help us maintain visual balance in the room, and get a stylish décor.

10.  Ceiling
We usually pay little attention to the ceiling. And that’s too bad because in the picture you can see how beautiful it can be to make something special from the ceiling. The panels give the space a tough and robust look!

11.  Contemporary and cozy
Different styles don’t have to rule each other out. Combine modern materials with elements with a more classic and rustic look. The effect can be surprisingly beautiful!

12.  Minimalist
In small spaces, fewer elements mean more space to move and live. Make sure that the few elements you do add contribute something to the layout of the space.

13.  Dress your room
Textiles are a smart way to dress the rooms. In this space, it is used in a lush way of fabrics with different textures and color nuances.

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14. for design lovers
For lovers of fashion and design objects! A space with beautiful geometric shapes and colors.

15.  Planks
Make a space lively with an open cabinet with shelves to bring books, toys, and memories. You can also use the cabinet as a room divider!

16.  A central point
In this room, your attention is drawn equally by the artwork on the wall. The object acts as a beautiful magnet that holds everything together.

17.  Lighting
With commercials in a TV room, you have good control over the light. You easily turn them in the direction where you need more lighting, or on a beautiful accessory that you want to give extra attention to.

18.  Functional furniture
In a small room, multifunctional furniture is a godsend. In this example, the agency is a place to work on and watch TV at the same time.

19.  Classic and elegant
Beautiful is a combination of wood and glass. It never gets boring!

20.  Relax
The TV room is a place for relaxation and entertainment. Make it a space for your kids where they can play.

21. A wooden panel
In this example, the television is hidden in a large custom-made wall cabinet. The television does not take up much space and falls away nicely in the panels of the cabinet.

22.  Textures
The combinations of textures bring movement in this room. Use fabrics in different colors and materials to organize space.

23.  Invisible furniture
With glass furniture, you set up space without the addition of visual elements. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that you don’t run into it.

24.  A personal touch
Don’t forget the collections you’ve stored in your bedroom! The cartoon characters might look beautiful on a shelf in the living room!

25.  Sliding doors
Sliding doors are a fantastic way to divide a small space. They take up little space and you can make them as massive or airy as you want. Have beautiful sliding doors made by one of our carpenters?

26.  TV and study space
Television may not be useful for placing in your study room, but you can resist the temptation of all channels then fit work and watch TV just fine together!

27.  with personality
Choose a style that gives a room personal look and surprise everyone. Industrial, retro, vintage, minimalist, or eclectic? It’s just what you like!

28.  Use every inch
The decoration you choose for the rear wall is very important because almost always this forms the center of the room. Therefore, give this place your function such as a workspace, a bookcase, or even a reading corner.

29. Less is more
Don’t fill the space with furniture, but limit yourself to some beautiful and functional elements.

They don’t say for anything. Less is more!

30. The height in
If you have little space in your room, go up and make as much use as possible of all the centimeters you have. Keep the colors light. This way, the whole thing does not become too massive and you keep the spacious airy and spacious.

31. Hang a chair
Swing chairs are very fun and also appear to be having a design moment right currently. They can be a lifesaver in a little living room or family room.

We hope that with these examples we have given you an idea about what you can do with your living room. Want more inspiration? Look at this Idea book!