Employee health and wellness is important. In the last decade, employee benefits have evolved to include better access to mental health, workout apps, and even gym memberships.

Companies recognized a demand for superior health benefits, and they’ve been working to provide them. With this in mind, it’s time that company leaders also look within the workplace to help improve employee wellness.

Encouraging movement and healthy activities in the workplace can help lead to healthier choices outside of work.

The benefits of physically and mentally healthy employees are boundless and include better engagement and overall happier staff. Start improving your employee’s workplace wellness with the following five tips.

Here are Five Tips for improve Healthy Lifestyle

1.   Incorporate Walking Meeting

We’ve talked about meetings before—and the fact that they’re what many employees consider one of the top time wasters on the job. Unfortunately, they’re a necessary evil. But there are many ways managers can improve them; this is includes making them more dynamic.

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There’s no hard and fast rule that says all meetings must take place in an office, with everyone seated around a table. For smaller meetings, such as employee one-on-ones, consider instituting a walk and talk policy.

Organize a separate room in your office for a walk and talk meeting. Also, make sure that this is properly maintained, and all important things are installed such as an optimum lighting system, projectors, the latest AC unit such as air conditioning Sydney. In the walk and talk meeting room, there should be no chairs.

Walking is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health; it reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke and improves balance, muscle strength, and endurance.

Physical activity is also known to boost creativity and innovation, ensuring your meetings will generate new ideas that (hopefully) lead to successful results.

2.   Focus On Desk Exercise

Working in an office can be incredibly sedentary. On average, Canadians spend around 10 hours a day sitting—this doesn’t include the time spent sitting at work. In recent years studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can be incredibly harmful.

Prolonged periods of sitting can cause weakening in muscles, increase body fat around the waist, and result in higher blood pressure.

Employers can help fight the negative effects of long periods spent sitting at a desk by educating, encouraging and building in time for employees to take small breaks, get up and stretch and even, yes, do some desk exercises.

Leg planks, shoulder raises, even simple stretches can help break up the monotony and danger of too much sitting. Breaking for two minutes every half hour to do a simple exercise improves both physical and mental health—and it gives the eyes a break from staring at a computer screen.

Companies that include an HR hub in their benefit offering can even give employees access to apps that remind them when to take breaks and offer video examples of activities they can do, ensuring they do them correctly and avoid injury.

3.   Organize a Sports Team

What better way to encourage physical fitness, engagement, and teamwork than organizing a company sports team? A company sports team is fun, breaks down team silos (meaning employees across multiple teams get a chance to interact and build relationships), and improves communication.

There are so many options available for team activities—dragon boat racing, soccer, baseball or softball, curling even. You can also encourage them for some indoor activities. This will help in refreshing your minds.

Maintain separate indoor activities. Please ensure that all popular indoor games should be available there, and that room should have a good atmosphere. To maintain a good temperature and humidity level in the games room install ducted aircon Sydney.

4.   5 Minute Mindfulness Breaks

Work-life can be stressful—deadlines, big presentations, and coordination and communication with multiple teams can take a toll on our stress levels and anxiety. Your business can help employees alleviate stress by encouraging them to take five minutes or so a day to focus on mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a great way to help a person focus; it can rejuvenate the mind, release tension, and reset us to attack our work in a healthy, productive way. Companies can take mindfulness one step further by bringing in an instructor once a week to walk employees through a 30-minute meditation session.

Regardless of what you offer, recognizing the importance of handling workplace stress, and providing employees a safe way to do so will support and improve your staff’s mental health.

5.   Competitive Step Tracking

A little workplace competition can be the perfect way to encourage your employees to get up and move. There are a variety of free apps (iPhone and Android) available that help people count their daily steps.

Put together a competition to see who can achieve the most steps in a month. You can make it an individual or a team competition. But remember, all competitions must have an incentive—some sort of reward that makes an effort worthwhile.

Staff should be encouraged to take the stairs, walk during their lunch breaks, even get off a stop or two early on the subway if they take public transportation to work

Many people don’t look at physical activity as being fun. As an employer, you can help build positive attitudes towards better health in the workplace by showing your staff how much fun it can be.