Technology! There is no doubt that it is driving our daily life. We are surrounded by it in different forms and it has provided us with many benefits to ease our life. Now, our existence without technology is not possible.

Can anyone think his life without a smartphone or the Internet? The answer is “NO”. Well keeping this in view, people nowadays love to know about the latest update in the world of technology. They like to read the relevant news or blogs that are providing an ample amount of knowledge regarding the advancement in Technology.

Hi, my name is Tahir Farooq & I am the founder of Due to my deep interest in the Technology & SEO  I have started this platform to share the latest technology & SEO articles with people like you. If you are hungry for technology & SEO bites, then this is the right place for you to visit. You can spend quality time reading the interesting and latest articles regarding technology & SEO. We are trying to boost this platform to bring the technology & SEO lovers under one roof in form of an extensive community.

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