Today i will talk about using AI in Adobe. So, let’s get started. Nowadays, everyone is using Photoshop to edit their pictures. The world is filled with manipulated photos, deep fakes, and even totally fake human faces.

To fix all this, there is a need to do something.  Adobe says that they are working on an artificial intelligence tool to spot the fake images. Citing “the ethical implications” of Photoshop, the Adobe has partnered with researchers from the University of California at Berkeley to do the work on this matter.

Adobe Use AI

According to the statement from the company, Photoshop’s Face Aware Liquify feature is being used to change people’s facial expressions.

In a blog post on Friday Adobe said that “Fake content is a serious and increasingly pressing issue,” Furthermore, they also added they will be using the AI to increase the trust in digital media.

For your information, the Adobe and Berkeley researchers have now developed a way of detecting and removing edits from images.

According to Adobe,” The tool developed was able to spot altered faces 99% of the time as compared to the human eye, which found the alterations 53% of the time, with this tool, the images were reverted to their original state.”

However, the tool is still in the development phase. Moreover, according to the Adobe researcher Richard Zhang said “The idea of a magic universal ‘undo’ button to revert image edits is still far from reality.

Hope this article will helpful for you. This was a brief about the latest happenings. Soon we will get any further update, we will definitely share it with you.


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