Some Amazon employees and their families in Seattle are now having access to new app called Amazon Care. This is a program that provide users with access to health professionals on video chat and text. This move was made to cut internal health costs even company is taking steps to enter in the growing health care market.

Amazon Employees Will Get Virtual Health Care

Amazon is doing a partnership with a Washington state-based company called Oasis Medical Group to offer the telemedicine service to its valuable employees in Seattle. Furthermore, they are also planning to expand coverage to their other employees as well. A message was sent to Amazon employees about the new program. It stated that we are looking forward to help build and scale the benefits to meet the requirements of more employees in months and years ahead. This news was firstly reported by CNBC.

Amazon Virtual Heath Program

The pilot project started as the retail giant plans to move into the health care space. In the last year, the company acquired Pill Pack which is an online pharmacy. In addition to this, earlier this year it has partnered with six health care organizations interested in developing Alexa skills that will be capable of handling patient information.

The company is also focused on the health of its internal health insurance program. In the last year, they teamed up with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan for creating a new health care company for the three organizations’ employees. This move was explicitly designed to handle the rising health care costs. This decision was liked by telemedicine companies after the announcement as they are anticipated shifting toward virtual services that resembles with Amazon Care.

For your information, the app is only available to Amazon employees and their eligible dependents who are already approved Amazon health plan and who are working in the working and living in the Seattle area. If you are meeting all of these requirements, then you can request an invitation to join the program as per the program’s FAQ. The people who are planning to use the app need an iPhone with iOS 12.0 or later. In case of Android it should be 6.0 or later.

Once the employee will sign up, they can chat with doctor over text or a video call. If the nurse or doctor you are chatting thinks that you need a closer assessment, then will recommend you something called Mobile Care. In this, they will send a nurse to your home, office, or other spot in Seattle. Furthermore, the mobile care nurse will collect the lab samples, perform some onsite testing like strep test, common vaccines, or perform the physical examinations.”. This information is available on the website.

The app is not providing emergency care, and its services that are mostly geared toward preventative or urgent care needs. The services are only available on weekdays from 8AM to 9PMand on weekends from 8AM to 6PM.

As mentioned earlier, company has also acquired an online pharmacy, if your doctor or nurse prescribes you medication through the app, then they got you covered as well. You will get medicine on your prescription delivered within two hours. They can be sent to your preferred pharmacy so that you can pick them up.