With new iPhones hitting stores Friday means that a new software upgrade, iOS13, will be out first, and it will be free.

iPhone owners back to the 6S and SE will update their devices with stronger security and new features. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro or Pro Max will get iOS 13 already installed.)

Apple iOS 13-Things You Need to Know before Installing

New features of iOS 13

Dark Mode: Apple is describing this feature as a way to “make every element on the screen easier on your eyes. You will get the emphasis on black backgrounds instead of white ones. 

Speed: Just like always, Apple promises to provide faster operations and all thanks to the software enhancements.

Privacy: Apple is having an alternate way of signing into apps with Facebook or Google. This also promising less data monitoring by Apple and a way to keep your e-mail address anonymous. Only a few apps will be offering the Sign in with Apple service with iOS13 initially, but Apple has given app makers the time frame till April 2020 to be on board.

New look to Maps: Apple has changed its Maps app to offer more details and be more productive. According to Apple, you can now see locations in 3D

Revamped Photos app: This feature will be most used by consumers due to the new look to Photos with more enhanced and management tools that will show you photos in a different way by years, months, and days.

Robocaller killer: Apple is going to make a dent in the robocall epidemic by pushing call that comes through with a number that’s not in your contacts directly to your voicemail. This good but problematic as well in case if get a call from the Cleaner to pick your order or from a restaurant calls to change your reservation. Start adding your business contacts to your phone directory.

Reminder: Your phone should be plugged in charging and should be connected to Wi-Fi to complete the update. This will take about a half-hour to update. Remember that there a nearly 1 billion iPhone users so most of them will try to download the software right when it becomes available, and this will cause a bottleneck situation. So, it is better to wait for 1 and 2 to install it in your phone.