Apple News Plus

Today, Apple has announced that Apple News Plus which is the premium news subscription service offered by Apple will be available in the UK with a price tag of £9.99 a month and in Australia for $14.99 per month. This will be the first expansion of the service after the March launch and it was available in the US and Canada.

Apple News Plus Now in UK and Australia

Global Expansion of App Of Apple New Plus

The service will be similar as it is in the US and Canada but it is important to note that Apple has highlighted some major British publications that include The Times, Four Four Two, and Empire. In the case of notable Australian publications, the list includes The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, and Australian Geographic in press materials, US, and Canadian subscribers can already get access to these publications.

Note that it is a notable expansion for the service that had a rocky start. The service is largely providing magazines and this will make sense because Apple News Plus is born from Apple’s acquisition of Texture, this is a magazine-focused subscription service. But this doesn’t necessarily line up with expectations of “news” and some people find this app difficult to navigate and some of the articles were poorly optimized for the iPhone’s screen.

Note that Apple has not officially announced what will be the next stop for the service but we are expecting that it might hit other countries in the future. Some of Apple’s other services are more widely available. For instance, the Apple Arcade is already available in more than 150 countries, and Apple TV Plus will be available in 100 countries.

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