Technology is the area that changes with every passing day. You can‘t imagine what will be the next thing you will see in the field of technology. Today the topic on which we are going to discuss is Artificial Intelligence.

You will have the following questions in your mind:

  • What will be the future of AI?
  • Will it be good or worse?
  • What is the scope of Artificial Intelligence?

Do you know about Artificial Intelligence? If you are eager to read by technology and the latest update in the area, then you might have heard. In case, if you don’t know about this here you will get a complete understanding:

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? (A.I.)

If we break this long word, we get two words. One is Artificial and other is Intelligence. Artificial means “non-natural” while “Intelligence” means the ability to behave, learn,think, and understand.

In Artificial Intelligence, development of computers or machines is done that is like a human. They are performing work like a human. They are having emotions that are having the ability to thinks, learn, understand. They are also able to make the most important decisions in different situations.

Elements of Artificial Intelligence

Few elements of the artificial intelligence are listed below:

Thinking like Human

Thinking is like a human. A machine has felt.

Acting like Human

Action is like a human being. In this computer get angry etc.

Thinking Rationally

A machine is capable to think sensibly or wisely. Machine think about the facts or logic.

Acting Rationally

robot who can make right decisions.

So, these were some parts of A.I. When we combine all these things we will get the best Artificial Intelligence robots or computers.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Now, we will be discussing the types of A.I. Following are the three types of A.I:

Weak Artificial Intelligence: First on the list, we have weak A.I. This refers to a machine who is an expert in one thing and but cannot perform another thing. Furthermore, he is not able to think like a human.

For instance, in 1997, Deep Blue computer win the chess game but in Ludo, he was delayed because he was good in one thing but not in other. He was an expert not in chess not in the game of Ludo. This clearly represents he was not able to think like human and not playing other games as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Strong Artificial Intelligence: The human being is intelligent and has a more common sense as compared to other. Strong A.I. is referred to as an Artificial General Intelligence. Strong A.I. is equivalent to the intelligence of human being. This refers to the think that if your robot performs all work as a human being,then it is referred to as Strong A.I, Artificial General Intelligence or Artificial Wide Intelligence.

You might this in 2050 if possible. If might be possible that you see robots working as a human.Artificial Intelligence

Singularity: Singularity refers to Artificial Super Intelligence. Singularity can be termed as a level where a human being is nothing. You can see singularity just after 1 week or 2 of reaching Strong Artificial Intelligence. The reason is strong A.I. robots will ensure this by themselves that this thing is singularity or Artificial Super Intelligence.

Doubts on Artificial Intelligence.

There are many questions when we talk about A.I. because if robots can achieve the level of human it can be harmful to us. People like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have shown their doubts on A.I. while some seem happy with it.

  • Elon Musk says that with the artificial intelligence, we are going to summon the demon”
  • Zuckerburg said on Elon Musk point regarding the A.I. that it is irresponsible.
The Experiment of Artificial Intelligence

prove that machine can act like a human in 1995, Alon Turing conducted a test named as Turning Test.

So, there may be a chance that Artificial Intelligence can be harmful to human being. You might see a strong Artificial Intelligence until 2045 or 2050. But keep one thing in mind that a machine can never work as a human being.

Artificial Intelligence will be a source to decode Indus Valley Scripts. Have you heard about Mohenjo Daro?Mohenjo Daro is a 4500 years old valley which is more advanced as compared to other civilizations. Mohenjo Darowas invented in 1922. This valley was so civilized that it was having properly functioned homes along with a proper drainage system and they even know how to write as well. They were intelligent people but it remains a mystery because we are not able to read the scripts and we cannot translate their language right now. But scientists are hoping that once when we will decode the language, we will able to understand their history in detail. And this might help us in new inventions.

To do this task, we are having hope that A.I. might do this for us. According to scientists, A.I. robots will be able to translate this language. The reason is A.I., will be more intelligent. If we want to see present-day A.I. then you can see when you type “How to” in the search on Google bar you will see that you will get more examples “How To” videos in the results.

After decoding the transcripts we will able to learn about our history and can find out what happened to the civilization and what were the reasons that they perished.

Final Words
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