In the past five years, the approach regarding autonomous driving has changed from maybe possible to definitely possible. In this blog, you will get a brief introduction, history, and future of Autonomous vehicle.

Autonomous Vehicle

Brief History of Autonomous Vehicle

In December 2018, Waymo, a company emerged from Google’s self-driving-car project, officially kick-started their commercial self-driving-car service in the suburbs of Phoenix. For your information, the use of this driverless tech, will add $7 trillion to the global economy and will save hundreds of thousands of lives in the coming future

Furthermore, on the other side of the coin, it will devastate the auto industry and its associated gas stations, drive-thru, taxi drivers, and truckers. With this technology some will get success, more will get a benefit, and many will be left behind.

Introduction of Autonomous Vehicle

An autonomous car is a vehicle that can drive or guide itself without any interference of a human. This kind of vehicle has now become concrete reality and in the future, we will be seeing the computer taking control of the steering wheel. An autonomous car can also be termed as a driverless car, robot car, or self-driving car.

Driverless cars that include Google’s autonomous car design has spent thousands of hours on American roads but still, they are not yet commercially available on a larger scale.

Autonomous cars will be using various kinds of technologies. They are built with GPS sensing knowledge to assist in the navigation. They will be using sensors and other equipment to prevent collisions. They will also be equipped to use the range of technology known as augmented reality. With this technology, a vehicle will be sharing the information to drivers in a new and interactive way.

There are some drawbacks of the autonomous car. Some say that autonomous car production will cause problems with existing auto insurance and traffic controls utilized for human-controlled cars. Extensive research on Autonomous vehicle is not only carried out in the US but also in Europe and other parts of the world.

Moreover, you will also be aware of, mass transit theories like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop design contemplate. According to this design, in future more guided transport will take place in public transit systems, as compared to individual car-like vehicles.

The Future of Self-Driving Cars
Let’s start with the question that most of you will desire to ask: when self-driving cars will take over? Well, the answer is, it is a wrong question. The Autonomous vehicle is not a single entity or a device that will be ready and shipped to consumers. It is a comprehensive system that is a collection of inventions that are combined in a proper way. So, the use of self-driving cars is still unknown because there are many questions that need to be answered. Hopefully, in the future, we will get the answers and the Autonomous vehicle will be a reality.

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