Kids of this century have a lot of exposure. They have access the unlimited information, and they can get anything instantly. Online shopping, instant messaging, hangouts, party, and lectures hence, everything is on their fingertips. While we were busy celebrating the innovation, advancement in technology, weal most forgot about the wisdom.

Giving knowledge that can also be lethal was not even in our minds. However, now when we know that time is crucial and children are being trapped by some cyber criminals. So, save your kids and install the parental control app in every device they are using.

Best Parental Control App for Android Phone

Have you wondered what parental control is?

Parental control is to keep your kids away from any criminal activities or inappropriate, unethical content. You cannot allow any stranger to exploit your kids and later blackmail them. So, before you regret the silent screams of your kids. Remember, you will need these monitoring apps to be with your kids and keep an eye on their surfing habits. Taking away the devices or simply communicating is not enough in every case. Some children have the most curious souls, and they are after every new thing. So, you can spy on them by activating OgyMogy on their android phone.

Advantages of OgyMogy Parental Monitoring Application

We feel you worry when you are a parent and concerned for your kids. It is quite natural for you to be stressed about all of it. However, nothing to stress over when OgyMogy is here to assist you in-keep your kids safe and sound. This application is designed for the purpose, and every feature is meant to serve it. Therefore, explore the functions and their benefits to use them like a pro for spying on your kids.

  1. Control the lock of the device: The benefit of this feature is to limit the usage time for your children. So, they wouldn’t be sleep deprived very often.
  2. Phone calls recording: Know about your kids’ interaction, the language they are using and if they are involved with some stranger. So, you can protect them from sharing any personal information with the stranger.
  3. Screen Recording: To keep track of their activities. You will get to know if they are watching or reading some inappropriate stuff on the internet.
  4. Bugging of Microphone: Let them fly high on the altitudes, but let’s be honest we don’t want them to come home high on drink. They may not take it by themselves, but someone can spike their drink. Listening to the surroundings will help you in warning about any possible danger.
  5. Data Backup: Back up the whole data so, you will be able to track all the important files in case of phone loss or theft.
  6. Capture Screenshots: You can set different time intervals to capture screenshots of the activities they are performing on their android devices.
  7. Block numbers: If you are suspicious of any wrong number, you can remotely block it and prevent that stranger to reach your kid by any means.
  8. Block texting while driving: So, you can’t text your teens to slow down while they are driving. This feature allows you to block texting while they are driving.
  9. Real-time monitoring: Overall, the app is all about real-time monitoring. You will get access to all of the data and activities of the android phone.

So, you can limit the usage time, block the websites and track all the monitoring apps activities. It is beneficial in every way. Installation is quick and easy. Just make sure you choose the plan that works best for you.


So, now you have insightful detail about the best parental control app, install it in the android or any other device they are using. OgyMogy aims to protect your kids from distracting away from the real path of life. It is the ultimate partner of friends that helps them to keep their kids away and safe from going into criminal activity. It will also let you keep an eye on their latest interests’ development, so, you can be there with them helping them grow for the future.