The next game in the Call of Duty franchise which will be a reboot of the Modern Warfare series is going to launch over a month. It will be in line with Activision’s annual release model.

The newest addition to this Call of Duty entry is the cross-play multiplayer, so now you can team up with your friends across the systems. The developers at studio Infinity Ward have given the details how exactly cross-play will work in advance of an open beta that will be supporting the feature to be starting this weekend.

Cross Play Will Work in Call of Duty-Everything Explained

Call of Duty Cross-play in Modern Warfare sound similar how it works in Epic’s battle royale shooter Fortnite and this has become the industry gold standard. According to Infinity Ward, the Modern Warfare will support keyboard and mouse and others controllers on all platforms. This will allow you to choose controller-only lobbies or mouse and keyboard-only lobbies irrespective of the fact that either you are playing on a console or your PC.

You Need A COD Account to Access Cross-Play in Call of Duty 

According to Infinity Ward, irrespective of the scheme that you are going to pick, you can access cross-play across every multiplayer mode in the Modern Warfare. The studio also said that they are having no plans to support cross-play for ranked or tournament play, where even playing field is very crucial. Fortnite is having a similar situation, in that Epic need players who do want to utilize a gamepad in tournaments to do the same by plugging it into a PC.

For participating in cross-play, players need to sign up for a COD Account via Activision. But remember that once you have one, you can use it for making a cross-platform friends list, Furthermore, you can also organize your squads across PC and console.

The Call of Duty cross-play beta will start on Thursday, September 19th at 1 PM ET, and it will be available for PC and Xbox One players who have pre-ordered it. Remember that due to Activision’s longstanding deal with Sony for exclusive content, all the PS4 players will be able to access the beta either they have preordered the game or not. The beta is expected to be open for all players on all platforms on September 20th (Friday) at 9 PM ET and it will run until Monday at 1 PM ET.

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