When it comes to traveling across the borders, conveyance is the major concern of every individual. You can either use public transport facilities like taxis, buses, metro and trams or you can choose to hire an automobile to commute on your own. In case you are not well aware with the street routes in the city, using a public conveyance will protect you from diverging the wrong way.

How to avoid common car rental scams?

However, observations have revealed that people consider reserving a vehicle, when they need freedom, privacy and more space to accommodate people and luggage comfortably without overcrowding. You might have recently planned a foreign holiday trip with your family and thinking to avail rent a car services for tripping across the city should act wisely to avoid scams like overspending and facing penalties.

Now talk about car rental scams

Below I am sharing the list of common car rental scams with effective suggestions that might protect you from financial loss and bad experiences.

Don’t be fool on the name insurance

Most of the service providers ask you to pay extra charges for this if you agree to avail insurance provided by them. You will be liable to pay if you cause any damage while driving. There is no need to take personal accidental coverage for them as your personal policy provides complete coverage, whether you are in your hometown or traveling abroad. If you already have insurance for your own vehicle, it’s better to ask your insurance firm to extend this to cover for rented automobile.

Carefully check fuel policy

Never prepay for the fuel, as most of the service providers charge hefty amounts for that. Instead of accepting their offer, you should better, fill up the fuel tank on your own. If you choose to rent a car in Doha, Qatar with fuel, you will be actually paying for the gas you actually don’t consume. Especially, if you are on a short trip and don’t intend to drive a lot should not opt for this. Such rentals usually don’t refund for the fuel left in the tank, but they overcharge if you return the automobile with an empty tank.

Don’t say yes for upgrades

You are most likely to face this situation as soon as you arrive at your service provider’s office. Although, you have already booked an automobile for you, they may ask you for upgrades after charging small amount. Beware and don’t say yes, unless they assure you what kind of upgrade is provided. Are they going to replace the model with the new one or they are changing it with a luxury vehicle? Clearly ask them about the final bills. If it is breaking your budget never accept the upgrades.

Don’t pay for unnecessary things

As you are traveling with your four year toddler, you will essentially need a baby seat for him. You can easily carry such accessories even flying abroad. Generally, airlines don’t charge extra money for such items. It will be significantly cheaper if you decided not to rent such additional items from your service provider.

Never hesitate to ask the bill details to avoid paying hidden charges

In order to attract maximum number of customers, service providers advertise their deals as the most affordable deal they can avail. To present their services affordable they exclude taxes and insurance fees, which you are liable to pay after signing their contract.  Clearly ask them about all kinds of taxes, surcharges, licensing fee before making final reservations.

Considering these simple things in your mind will not only help you to avoid common scams, but also empower you to choose the best car rental.

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