Tie boxes are made up of cardboard, paperboard, Kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, and e-flute cardboard depending on the type and need of the customer. Cardboard can easily be customized in any shape and design that represent the brand or the product. It helps in reaching potential with the least efforts because these boxes are highly eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Different laminations and foiling are used to give these boxes an intricate and finished look that gives a luxurious feel to the boxes. Customer’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with these custom made boxes that can be used for different purposes like selling and as a gift box.

Custom Tie Boxes for Presenting a Tie as a Gift

Ties are the most desirable items for men, and there is not a chance that their wardrobe is complete without ties. Ties start from few dollars and ranges to hundreds and thousands depending on the quality and brand of the product.

Packaging makes a huge impression on the customers as well as the people you are giving something as a gift. Packaging makes the product more presentable and desirable if done correctly according to the target audience.

Giving presents is a very old practice of showing people that they matter and you care about them. The packaging is as important as the present is, and the way a present is packed creates a huge difference. It explains how much you care for the person you are buying the gift. It is the hardest task to choose a perfect gift for men as there are not so very much options when it comes to men accessories like ties.

Choosing the right packaging is more difficult a task than choosing a product for someone. Now that you have chosen a perfect tie for your loved ones or your best bud, dad, brother or anyone, it is time to get to the main task, and that is designing custom tie boxes packaging for the present in a way that makes a statement wherever they go.

Choosing the right style Of Tie Boxes

First things, first!

A tie is a type of product that needs as much exposure as possible if it is the one that has an expensive price tag attached to it and even if it is not you can make it look like  custom tie gift boxes. Style of the box matters a lot when it comes to packaging as it is all about creating a distinction from the others. There are a lot of styles that speak for themselves and spark excitement in the receiver like;

Drawer paper boxes

  • Boxes with lid
  • Boxes with window cut lid
  • Divider boxes
  • Window box with a magnetic flip-open lid
  • Neck box
  • Book style boxes

All these boxes are one of a kind in itself and increase the worth of a presentation by the unique style of the box.

Selection of colors

Colors leave an everlasting impact on the human mind in different forms like the mood of a person or sentiments of an individual associated with the color. To create an impacting tie packaging for your loved ones that make them feel that it has been specially done for them and gives them a feeling of being important to use the opportunity of choosing the right colors for your boxes while customizing.

Colors of the box also help in uplifting the appearance of the package and the present packed inside the box, especially if you are using a stylish window cut box. It also matters when it comes to the age and personality of a person. Some people like bold and bright colors, whereas others prefer sober and light colors that increase the elegance and sophistication of the packaging.

What to put on the box

Style and colors are something that makes the base of the box that prepares or gives an idea to the customer about how to go with the other details and printing for their boxes. The packaging is complete when it conveys the ideas or concept behind the whole product, giver, and the receiver.

Custom boxes facilitate the customers to imprint the information that best suits their situation and as for creating personalized tie box for presenting as a gift putting notes, custom message, or details that perfectly match to the occasion.

Make it luxurious

There is no need to be scared of the word cardboard when it is a matter of quality. These boxes may be cheaper in price than the other packaging materials but give the most high-quality packaging to the users. Tie boxes made up of cardboard or paperboard are strong enough to give a sturdy feel to the box, and also the appearance of the package can be enhanced by the use of printing and coating techniques like;


There is no doubt that you have chosen the right material for yourself, and there is also not the slightest chance that these boxes and proper customization will let you down. Laminations are done in different finishes like glossy, matte, velvety, spot UV, and many more that give a polished look to the box, no matter the shape and size. These laminations allow the packaging to look more luxurious like any other available in the market.


Foiling is a technique of stamping the metallic sheet in gold, silver, and copper. It is also called hot stamping. There is hardly any industry that could benefit from foiling. It can be used for highlighting the important details, for patterns, or custom names on the box for a tie to make it as much personal as it can be because these boxes not only pack the product but also used as tie storage boxes.

Embossing & debossing

Embossing is an art of writing or printing with the raised ink. It is done in order to raise or create an imprint on the material like paper, wood, metal, cardboard, or any other material. Embossed text or pattern on custom boxes provides an aesthetic feel to the box.

Custom tie boxes are the packaging solution for any type of packaging like gifts, product packaging, storing, and shipping. It is the most economical and cost-effective packaging solution that gives premium quality.

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