Social media has evolved over the years to the next level and today user has got it on their digital cell phones and tablets having an internet connection. On the other hand, even the young generation has got access to plenty of instant messaging apps and websites. Therefore, youth is continuously becoming a social media addict and they are doing and adopting plenty of dangerous things from social media and dangerous insane challenges of social media.

Parents over the years are very concerned about the freaky social media challenges and they want to stop teens to adopt it no time ever before. Therefore, we are going to address parents about the insane social digital world challenges that kids and teens are getting involved in and often risk their lives to do the challenge. Here are the five major social media freaky challenges that fascinate the young generation and putting their lives at risk.

Challenges of Social Media

The “In My Feeling/KiKi Challenge”

Usually, we used watching stuntman in movies who jumps out of a moving car, irrespective of the speed of a moving car. On the other hand, how it would be for a teenager that wishes to jump out of moving car. I would say nothing, but to put their life at risk. We are simply assuming it and we have got injuries doing it.

However, young teens are getting involved in these kinds of activities such as kids are obsessed with The “In My Feeling/KiKI Challenge”. Teens are trying to jump out of moving the car and do dance alongside the moving car on Drake sing in my feelings. It’s been reportedly stated that teens and young adult have lost their lives and most have got injuries while doing this freaky Kiki challenge.

The Fire Challenge

Playing with fire means you are a freak and putting your life in risk. Even the people who used to play with fire have to have years and years of practice then they can do their job. Nowadays, young teens and tweens are trying to do the same and they want to play with the fire. Today, teens have seen The Fire challenge from the social media posts and friends and they are daring each other to do that challenge to become social media hero or to get appreciation among their friends. Today, teens are applying flammable liquids on their bodies to test the pain for certain period. The objective is simply to impress friends to make their records.

The Chocking Game

This particular challenge has plenty of names such as a chocking game, the pass out challenge, space monkey challenge all of it comprises to the one. These days, it has swept the web, but it is one of the classics that people used to do in mid-nineties up to 2008.

However, since social media have become advanced it has made the headlines once again and yet it is engulfing young teens who get involved in. in this challenge, the challenger has to cut the oxygen to the brain willingly and the challenger becomes unconscious. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and prevention has gathered plenty of evidence that since in mid-nineties almost 80 kids have been died due to this particular and today teens are doing the same.

The Cinnamon Challenge

Well, you may be not aware of the cinnamon powder is very tasty, but having a spoon of it would seriously damage your lungs and you may have emphysema. There are plenty of incidents have been reported that teenagers were hospitalized due to the insane challenge of taking the cinnamon powder. The young kids who have got bad effects of it have to have an inhaler, but they can never live without it. Since, 2012 The American Association of Poison Control Centers have received sudden 222 calls regarding the Cinnamon challenge in which kids have got Cinnamon and end with threat issues, breathing issues and collapsed lungs.

Salt & Ice Challenge

Salt and Ice Challenge is a kind of social media freaky challenge that is prevailing among kids that are obsessed with social media. Kids have adopted salt and ice challenge from social media like other dangerous social media trends. Therefore, since the last couple of years teens and kids use of putting salt on their skin and then put ice on it. The chemical reaction of salt and ice brings burn on the screen and it will leave scars and cuts on the skin.


If you are concerned parents and want to protect your children from the dangerous insane social media trends then you need to set parental control on kid’s social media activities. All you can do that within then a shorter period of time and stay updated with TheOneSpy cell phone parental monitoring software.

Dangerous insane challenges of social media

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