If your child is not self-motivated and you think he will be motivated himself without any effort from you, then you are wrong. It is a major responsibility of parents to use the best ways to inspire their kids towards studies, good manners and useful social life.

Effectively Motivate Kids in 2020

However, as we are living in a digital and fast age, that’s why our own childhood approaches wouldn’t show effective results. In this regard, we would have to follow more advanced strategies to stimulate children. Therefore, in this article, we are going to share 6 steps to motivate kids in 2020 effectively.

Discuss With Kids the Purpose of Life

Do you think you can set goals and make plans without knowing the purpose of life? If no, then you would have to discuss the use of our lives with our children. In this regard, you shouldn’t give excuses like now kids are not much mature, etc. In reality, after knowing the meaning of life and its purpose, your child would able to decide correctly what he/she wants to achieve in his/her life. When children would better aware of the core agenda of their lives, then they would set their life objecting in a better manner.

Motivate Kids in 2020

Set Long-Term & Short-Term Goals For Kids

Now, its time to help the kids to set life goals that what they want to accomplish in their lives. Howbeit, parents should divide the life objectives into two categories long-term goals and short-term goals. Short-term goals could be about getting good marks in academic life or the current class. On the other hand, long-term goals are just like the vision policy of companies for which a lifetime effort is required without know either we would able to accomplish them or not. According to several leaders, the intentions of a person shows what he wants to achieve in life. That’s why your goals should be right, big and clear.

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Develop Planning Skills

The next step is about planning how your child would achieve his short-term and long-term goals. As parents can’t help the kids in all of their life planning, that’s why they should try to develop planning skills in them. In this regard, you should ask children to make a daily to-do list. Yes, making a regular schedule is considered the first stage of planning. It is also the responsibility of parents to tell their kids how they can reduce the tasks into manageable ones and how they can priorities their goals. Like to which things or tasks children should give preference and what they could be skipped from the plan due to shortage of time and other obstacles.

Develop Planning Skills - Kids

Let Them Decide

If you are trying to control the lives of your children, then you are not letting them decide their own. That’s why it is suggested to parents not to control their lives a lot. They should only have a deep eye on the activities and company of kids but shouldn’t become the authority. According to motivation theories, self-determination plays a significant role to stimulate individuals. Therefore, with the feeling of decision making and authority, children can perform better in all fields of life.

Let Them Decide - kids

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Reconsider the Penalties and Rewards

It is an attractive technique to inspire children with the help of rewards and penalties. According to researches, this kind of approach doesn’t only spoil the relation of parents with kids but also doesn’t show any results when you apply it to smart kids. On the contrary, it also severely affect the mental condition of your children. That’s why parents should try to motivate the children from the ethical aspects of doing any task instead of the fear of penalties or pleasure of rewards.

Reconsider the Penalties and Rewards - Kids

Peer Pressure without Comparison

In many cases, it has been witnessed that a moderate amount of peer pressure shows positive consequences. So, parents should also motivate the children with some examples of peers, but you should also keep in mind, you are not mixing peer pressure with a comparison. You should also tell your children if your classmate is the best in mathematics then there could be chances you have the best abilities in some other subjects or sports.

Give Them Credit

If as parents, you usually like to take credit for kids’ achievements or not giving them the credit of their accomplishments, then you are doing wrong. First of all, you should give credit to kids and should also try to celebrate it. Secondly, it is also essential that you are giving full credit it to your child without mentioning your own efforts. Hopefully, one day, your kid will realize himself about your struggles and sacrifices.

Top 7 Steps to Effectively Motivate Kids in 2020 2

In short, the primary purpose of this article is to share the most effective ways to motivate kids in 2020. Parents should practice our suggested tips after complete research. You can also share your views with us by commenting below.