Elgato has announced a lighting rig that can be attached to a desk so that YouTube creators, Twitch streamers, and other online content makers can easily brighten up their home setups.

But now, Elgato is taking the step idea to another level by further announcing the Multi-Mount. It is an extendable, multi-purpose rigging system that creator can use for their lighting, cameras, mics, or whatever they like to mount according to the need.

Elgato Has Built A Rigging System for Creators and Streamers

Elgato Different Types of Accessories

With the price tag of $49.99 Multi-Mount, you can extend it all the way up to 45 inches. You can attach it your desk, and it will be having a center ball head with a one-fourth inch screw which you can mount gear on.

Furthermore, if you are ready to pay more, then you can pay for the more accessories. The flex arm is $39.99, it can be bent at three different spots and it has much as 9.45 inches of horizontal reach, with a weight of a 10.6-pound. In addition to this, $39.99 weighed base will let you place the Multi-Mount on a flat surface whereas the $14.99 smartphone clamp will you clamp, your smartphone. You can also use for another thing that can fit well in that clamp.

The Multi-Mount look like a handy tool that will allow you to make the setup that will work best for you. It will let you easily do the things like placing a camera high above the desk for an unboxing video or a mic near your face for podcasting. Note that, if you want Multi-Mount with all of the accessories, then it comes with a price tag of $144.96