The European Commission has been talking about the single charging method for mobile devices over a decade. The commission was doing this to encourage tech vendors to voluntarily adopt a single charging standard. But now it seems like that the European Commission is now looking at a legislative approach.

EU Legislation For Single Charging Method

Some members of the European Parliament have advised the European Commission for a regulatory action that will be forcing every smartphone vendor to adopt a single charging method. The Commissioner Maros Sefcovic said that the commission is planning to have a legislative approach for tackling the issue.

The European Commission is planning to hold a vote on the matter at a later session. If the European lawmakers make this as a law, then companies like Apple will be forced to adopt USB Type-C port for charging iPhones and they will have to drop the Lightning connector.

EU Law Might Force Apple to Have USB

Note that not every smartphone maker has adopted a single charging method yet but the campaign has certainly worked in favor as the number of charger types has decreased to only three types such as USB Type C, micro-USB, and Apple’s Lightning port.

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During the debate, members of the European Parliament have pointed out how the tech industry is generating additional e-waste by maintaining various standards. This refers to the mess of different cords and adapters used by the consumers.

Apple still not yet responded to this recent development, but the company had earlier said that a single charging port will freeze innovation instead of encouraging it.” The company said that forcing iPhones to switch to USB-C will make existing Lightning cables useless and this will be generating more e-waste.