Beginning with Cocos writer v1.nine, creating games for the fb instantaneous video games is officially supported. builders can fast submit video games that meet the facebook instantaneous games technical requirements. Want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact facebook support number.

Fb instantaneous games are a chunk specific as compared to WeChat Mini-games and QQ Play, as fb immediately video games run in a pure HTML5 environment. which means that your games may be run now not handiest to your telephone but also in a computer browser, making improvement and debugging greater convenient.

Cocos creator includes:

What the consumer wishes to do:

  • Call the facebook support number on the spot video games SDK to get right of entry to platform-related capabilities
  • Upload your Cocos creator packaged model to fb in step with the fb release technique

Post system

First, use Coco’s author to build the game

Using the writer opens the task that needs to be posted. Open the constructed panel from the Menu bar -> undertaking. select the fb immediate recreation within the Platform dropdown of the build panel:

After the construction is complete, a facebook-instantaneous-video games folder may be created inside the distinctive directory:

Second, upload to Facebook

Create a brand new software inside the historical past of Facebook, upload immediate video games to upload a Product, set the game category, and keep the changes. (For info, please discuss with the setting application)

Click the on the spot games -> web website hosting tab on the left aspect of the applications panel, click on add version, and add the .zip document in the fb-instant-games directory to the facebook hosting service.

while the model status modifications to Standby, click on the “★” button to push the build version to the manufacturing environment.

Then create the non-public key and certificates thru Open SSL.

once the personal key and certificate are ready, the web carrier may be started out regionally thru SSL.

Use the browser to open https://localhost:8080 and bypass the safety warning displayed by way of the browser. This step is simplest to allow the browser to whitelist the above private key and certificates. in case you eventually regenerate the private key and certificates, you will want to turn at the confirmation again. It isn’t yet possible to preview the sport without delay at this step because the preview sport needs to initialize the fb on the spot games SDK. You want to apply the following technique.

Preview the game on facebook

in case you need to use all the capabilities of the facebook instant video games SDK, you want to open: on your browser. pay attention to the YOUR_GAME_ID in the link. replace the utility quantity you created in fb.

Then you could see the game running successfully:

Fourth, the percentage of your game on Facebook

Click on on the instant games tab inside the packages panel, pick details, within the details web page to the bottom of the page you can see the following image, select share the game, you can immediately share the sport to the Facebook news.

For details, confer with testing, Publishing, and Sharing an instant game.


there are numerous boundaries to facebook web hosting, the maximum vital of which might be:

Custom instant video games

SDK commands

Cocos creator has included the facebook instant games SDK and it mechanically initializes (initialize Async and start Game Async) when the game is loaded. The user can access directly via the FB Instant namespace. See the immediately games SDK for information.

in addition, fb additionally presents the fb SDK for JavaScript, which may be used to get admission to facebook’s social capabilities in line with your needs. It needs to be accessed via the fb namespace. however, it isn’t always integrated into Coco’s author and needs to be manually introduced by the user. See the legitimate documentation for info.


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