A few days ago, a foldable Nokia smartphone in the Nokia 2720 style was seen. One was having a separate screen when opened just like the Surface Neo/Duo) and the other one hand a flexible display just like the Motorola Razr. According to the quick poll, more people liked the approach used by the Razr and some information has surfaced online that a foldable Nokia smartphone will be something we will see in the (near) future.

Foldable Nokia Smartphone

Nokia Approach for Foldable Gadgets

Nokia new has shared some interesting insights via Twitter. According to his source(s), Nokia Mobile is having foldable smartphone ready in their labs. Before you get too excited, you should be aware of the fact that this can mean that there is a prototype that is ready and that device, if it exists, then that might never be launched.

It is important to note that a lot of companies experiment with different devices and sometimes they cancel the phones. A foldable Nokia smartphone is something everyone would be interested in seeing because the foldable market is young and there is a lot of room for the innovation.

The same sources have claimed that the Nokia Mobile has previously canceled a lot of interesting projects. The list includes the smartwatches, fitness trackers, different wireless charging accessories and even a mobile photo printer.

It is interesting to note that if Nokia Mobile decides to enter a new market segment, then that needs a strong push and dedication so that users don’t have to worry if their device will be discontinued tomorrow. Nokia with OZO, Nokia Health acquisition/sale is a good example of how not to enter into the new devices’ category.

Microsoft Surface is a non-Apple example of how to create a new device type – 2 in 1, which is convertible in Surface case. So, this gives a clear understanding that understands why projects get canceled. Furthermore, if a company is not confident in the success of a product, then it is better to use the resources for something else.

Let us know what you think about the Nokia approach on the foldable gadgets? Will, you will be interested in buying the foldable products designed by Nokia in the future? Do share your thoughts in the comment section!


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