WordPress is a framework where as the plugins are the additional elements that are used to develop the website in a proper way. Every website owner is having different business requirement so to cater the different needs people develop custom WordPress Plugin to ensure smooth working.

If the WordPress works fine and liked by others then most of the people or company sell their plugins to other businesses as well. If you are planning to start a WordPress website or blog, then this blog post will be helpful for you. Following are the Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins. It is highly recommended that you should install these plugins to use them on your website.

One of the most important things that make them the best to select is that they are all free and you can easily download them right from the WordPress dashboard.

The list of Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins is below:

1.Yoast SEO wordpress plugin

First and the best is the Yoast SEO plugin. This comes with a ton of different tools that will assist you to make your website ranking better in the search engines.

These tools have XML sitemap generator, a Google snippet Preview, On-Page SEO analysis, and much more. Now, there are many different part of the tools that can be discussed in the article but to help you in a better way, we recommend to visit Google or YouTube to get the tutorial for setting it up.

If you are planning to install the best SEO plugin then it is the best option for you. When your website or blog is optimized properly for the search engines this will definitely make a huge difference. This will change the ways how your website is getting the traffic.

Top 5 Best and Free WordPress Plugins 1

2. Contact Form 7
Second on the list, we have the Contact Form 7 plugin.You can use this plugin to add custom contact forms on different pages, posts, and widgets areas on your WordPress site. Once you have installed the plugin you just need to click < Contact > on the left-hand side of our dashboard menu.

For further assistance, you need to see the various tutorial-son YouTube for creating and editing custom contact forms with the help of Contact Form 7.

Top 5 Best and Free WordPress Plugins 2

3. iTheme Security
Next, we have the iTheme Security plugin. If you are concerned about the security, then this is the best security plugins for the WordPress Site. It will act as a defender to protects your website from Hackers. According to iTheme, on an average 30,000 new sites are hacked per day. You need this to strengthens your site. It is available in two editions Free and a Premium.

4. Lazy Load
Now, let’s talk about the Lazy Load. Usually, when we visit any page on a website, all of the images on that respective page are loaded at the same time. This thing sometimes can put a negative effect on the pages loading time, especially in a case, if there are too many images. But if you are going for a solution, then Lazy Load Plugin is the answer. When installing this plugin, first the image that appear in the start will load and later when you scroll down images will start to appear in the order instead of loading at the same time.

You just need to install and activate the plugin for the usage. So, there is no reason for not installing this plugin. It is free and require no setup.

Top 5 Best and Free WordPress Plugins 3

5. Insert Headers and Footers
Last but not the least, Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Once you have installed this plugin, then this will allow you to track different codes to your WordPress site easily and instantly without editing theme files. The purpose of these tracking code is to link things like Google Analytics and Google AdSense to your website. With this plugin, you need tohover over where it says. <Setting> on the left-hand side of our dashboard and then click. <Insert Headers and Footers>. After this you only need to copy and paste tracking codes you want to add and then save the changes.Hope these five free and best WordPress Plugin will help you in your requirements. You can easily download and can easily set them up by watching video tutorials, if needed.