Developers are able to continue working on the projects on the go as GitHub will be launching a beta version of the software development platform for Android.

GitHub for Android

In the last year’s GitHub Universe, the company has announced the GitHub for mobile and they have launched a beta for iOS. But now GitHub has decided to do the same for the Android platform and the interested developers can sign up today to try it out.

The primary reason due to which the company has taken this step is to launch a mobile version of its software development platform. Note that there is a lot you can do on GitHub that will not require a complex development environment such as the sharing feedback on design discussions or the reviewing of the few lines of code.

  • Github has raised the bug bounty prize.
  • Helping the build will secure software for the importance of GitHub.
  • GitHub will be bringing unlimited private repurchase agreement to free the users.
  • GitHub has made these kinds of tasks east for completing while you are on the go with fully-native experience.

GitHub for Android

All the users that have signed up for the GitHub for the Android waitlist will have already received an email to invite with a link for testing the new app. Note that if you have missed the waitlist, then you can still sign up to test the Android app because there are a limited number of spots available for the beta but this will be available soon.

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With the GitHub for Android, developers can easily review the code. They can merge the changes and they will collaborate with others from anywhere. Note that the company’s app is fully native and this means it will be supporting multiple screen sizes and settings along with the dark mode.

For trying out the GitHub for Android beta, you will need a smartphone that is running Android 5.1 or later.