On February 28, the questions about the coronavirus were circling around Google’s offices. The company has to face criticism for YouTube’s handling of hoax videos. Due to this, a major company conference was canceled and one of the employees in Zurich tested positive.

Google Clear Coronavirus Misinformation

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Google, has sent a memo for the thousands of his workers. He stated that Google has been playing an important role as a provider of accurate and timely information most of the time. He added that you might have heard me of talking about the helpfulness of context in the small and big moment. This is definitely one of those big moments.

After the spread of Covid-19, Google has taken some serious steps in one of its popular online services for limiting the spread of misinformation. This is a departure for a company that has been relied heavily on the software and automation to index and rank the information during its 22-year existence.

Google searches that are related to the virus will not trigger an “SOS Alert,” with news from the important publications including National Public Radio, information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and even from the World Health Organization displayed prominently. On the other hand, in a recent search for “flu season” that showed by the website very well health.com at the top, while another search for “flu” produced tweets that include one from U.S. President Donald Trump in which he is comparing coronavirus to the common flu.

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According to a report by the ZDnet, on YouTube, which is Google’s video service, the company is doing its best to remove videos that are claiming to prevent the virus in place of getting the medical treatment. Note that the apps related to the virus are banned from the Google Play app store, that is prompting the complaints from developers who say that they just want to help. In addition to this, an Iranian government app that was built to keep track of infections was removed from the Play Store.

It is important to note that the company is also not caring about the revenue they generate from ads related to Corona Virus. In another memo, the company CEO said that the company has blocked ten of thousands of ads that are capitalizing on the virus. The company has pulled ads from YouTube Videos that are discussing the Covid-19. But they have given governments and NGOs free ad space on the video service.