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After many Google Pixel 4 leaks over the past weeks, Google now has tweeted the first picture of the upcoming flagship phone as a confirmation. The image confirms that the device will be having a square camera bump on the back that will be having three rear cameras. According to rumors earlier this week suggests that Pixel 4 phone could come with the tech giant’s Project Soli chip. With the addition of this chip, the users can operate phones via hand gestures utilizing Google’s radar-based motion sensors.

Google tweet about Pixel 4

The official tweet by the Google is below:

Wait ‘now till yourself see what can do. #Pixel4,

Google has unveiled its Project Soli at I/O back in 2016 with a video showing how people will be using the technology to control their smartwatch and smart speakers by just moving their hands and fingers.

It is rumored that the Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone will have a notch, two speaker grills on the edge at either side of the USB-C port, along with volume and power key on the right-hand side of the phone. It will lack a fingerprint scanner and buttons on the left side.

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