Working people strive to live everyday to balance and keep their professional and personal life in harmony. But sometimes, life becomes tough wherein 24 hours in a day may not be enough to fulfill all the things that need to be done. For instance, keeping up with your cleaning schedule is often the first thing that gets neglected when things get super busy. As a result, several hours are spent on the weekend cleaning instead of relaxing and enjoying your off-work days.

Homecare Hacks for Busy Professionals Like You

If you hate weekend cleaning, here are some helpful home care hacks to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your home despite being a busy professional.

Keys For HomeCare

  1. Don’t Clean If Not NecessaryDisinfecting windows, scrubbing down bathroom tiles, and vacuuming floors of every single room in the house weekly may be the right thing to do, but it isn’t the best way. The key to saving time while also maintaining a clean room is to only clean areas of the house that look dirty. The idea might seem gross, but it’s a practice that will benefit you a lot.

    It does not only save you time, but it’s better for your health too as it prevents your body from being exposed to a tiny bit more dirt if you choose to clean every day. Also, this practice allows you to focus better on areas at your house that needs cleaning, rather than trying to clean every part of the house just for the sake of cleaning.

  2. Always Rinse and Place Dishes in the Dishwasher After Every Meal

Efficiently utilize the use of your dishwasher if you have one at home. Some people choose to wash their dishes in an attempt to save water, but this isn’t true at all. Most people use and waste the same amount of water, whether they are washing dishes by hand or through a dishwasher. The best way to save water is to simply rinse off your dishes, place them in the dishwasher, and run it only when it is full. Also, using one cup per person is an excellent way to cut down on the amount of dishes to clean throughout the week.

  1. Clean Your Kitchen Counter As Go All Day

It’s a whole complete mess in the kitchen after cooking every mouth-watering food. Make it a habit to clean things up in the kitchen right after cooking. This way, kitchen cleaning and chores don’t pile up.

Moreover, keep in mind that a dirty kitchen with lots of food crumbs attract insects, especially ants. Some of these ants tend to bite, leaving you with pain and skin irritations. They usually come from outside the house, your yard or garden, and enters the house when they find pieces of food crumbs inside the house. It’s also an excellent way to eliminate their camping site once and for all. You may use commercial pesticides or ask professional help on how to kill and control fire ants in your yard.

  1. Make Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

This home care hack is pretty straightforward. Keeping your cleaning supplies at areas where they are easily accessible saves you time and effort when you need them for weeknight spot cleaning. When you see a mess, you can quickly grab your cleaning supplies and fix the mess.

  1. Throw Away Old Food Every Night

Most often, food gets forgotten in the refrigerator or storage – especially if you’re having a busy week. Avoid the habit of storing food longer. Consume food before the expiration date, and throw away no-good leftovers immediately. This way, you’ll make more room in your refrigerator and avoid collecting rotten or moldy foods.

  1. If You Have Broken Appliances, Have Them Fixed Immediately

Appliances may break at the least unexpected time possible. Instead of deciding to put them off for repairs, try to deal in fixing the device at first. This way, you can save money, time, and further inconvenience later.

Ignoring the warning signs of a failing appliance may cost you more inconvenience in the future. Once you take notice that an appliance is malfunctioning or broken, be sure to attend to it immediately to avoid severe damage on the appliance costing you tons of time and money for repairs.

  1. Have Microfiber Cloths Around

Keep microfiber cloths at bay in your house. Instead of wiping the dust away using a dust sweeper, which might only cause settling of dust into another place after being swept off into the air, a microfiber cloth will do an efficient and effective spot dusting cleaning.. Make sure to avoid wiping up oily substances with your microfiber as it can damage your clothes and make it less effective.

  1. Throw Away Stuff You Don’t Use Anymore

Declutter stuff that you no longer use or need. While most people love to hold on to their belongings that hold special memories, sometimes keeping them for a long time will only have negative consequences in the long run. For stuff that is no longer being used, you may consider throwing them away or selling them at garage sales to free up some space in your house. Moreover, it’s also an excellent way to get rid of the attachment you built on your belongings and be able to focus more easily.

  1. Have A Shoe Rack by the Door

Provide a shoe rack for the family members and guests at the front door of your house. This way, people can put their shoes off immediately when they go inside your home. Not only does it help keep your floors cleaner, but it also saves you time and effort from mopping your floors regularly. It also makes the space by your front door appear more organized.

  1. Use an Air Purifier at Home

Having an air purifier at home helps improve the ambiance in your house. It provides a clean and relaxing feel inside the house. Also, it’s an excellent way to ensure the health of every house member by making sure that fresh air circulates around the house.

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