Switching to a hosted voice has become a critical necessity for many of the commercial establishments. It’s a comprehensive business solution that allow your organization to unlock its financial achievements, improve quality issues or other snags that are hindering your mobile and remote employee workforce. All this you got right, but what is hosted VoIP?

In simple words, VoIP means voice over internet protocol. It is a techy component that offers multimedia services and voice communications via internet service. Over the few years, VoIP services upping his game in the industry because of its excellent scalability and affordability. Businesses that make a prompt switch to VoIP can save at least 30% and even more- sources reported.

6 Signs of a Quality Hosted Voice Services Provider

Quality Hosted Voice Services Provider

Not only this, but undergoing the usage of pathways holds several other probabilities for business enthusiasts as well. One is to invent a new system just by consolidating each of its communication tools. What’s the need? This draws scalability, affordability, and mobility of communication.

In recent years, the competition is increasing day by day, both for a typical or groundbreaking product or service. When we look upon Google or any search engine to shop for a particular need, millions of options appear. The deal, however, becomes giant during the selection process of the best vendor providing hosted voice services.

In this article, we help you find the right provider so you can sleep with peace. 

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6 Signs of a Quality Hosted Voice Services Provider 1Coming back to the topic, if you’re certain that voice-over-IP (VoIP) is the service that deserves to be bought, then learn these six key signs for choosing the worth it hosted VoIP provider.

1. Quality internet connectivity 

The chief thing that goes for choosing a vendor is considering the one who offers both hosted voice solutions and internet connectivity How will you determine this? Well, putting your voice communications and data on the same network can bring about a few things which are:

  • Quality business communications,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Data security, and a host of other perks.

Note: Modern-day hosted voice providers rely more on a “bring your bandwidth” tradition.

2. Expert Support Services

The next best thing to assess the particular service provider is to assess its customer service. Like is there anyone in support to pick up your call and answer your query? Are you on a call with a locally-based employee of your business VoIP services provider or a customer service representative in an outsourced call center? So prior to the selection, identify the answers. Besides, make sure that their customer service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you’re all the time backed by support.

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3. High-demand and Worst-Case Scenarios

The vast majority of business experiences a 98 percent–a single hour of downtime costs at least $100,000. But wait, you can’t encourage such a consequence because you can’t put either of these on risk- your company reputation, productivity, or customer relationships.

Ask these questions to ensure your phone service will always be handled with care.

How do you handle network congestion during high demand?

  • How do you ensure client voice communications receive priority?
  • How do you protect clients against phone service fraud and other cybersecurity threats?
  • Are you equipped with alternate internet recovery planning solutions?

Voice Services Provider

4. Enterprise-Class Hosted Voice services

Question a prospective provider how they give a business-class performance or detect on your own like this. Any hosted IP PBX provider guarantee superior availability, and reliability includes:

  • Full network redundancy
  • Carrier-class network design
  • Incredible bandwidth planning
  • Voice traffic prioritization

5. Best Unified Communications tools

This single feature benefits seekers tremendously. Picking a vendor who offers a hosted voice platform with a robust feature set can drive superior productivity and support you better to work remotely.

Examples containing enhanced voice features for business involve:

  • Custom call distribution
  • Auto-attendant and interactive voice recognition
  • Conferencing features
  • Video conferencing
  • Dial by name directory
  • Call recording
  • Music on Hold
  • Internal and external integrated messaging platforms
  • Presence (active phone lines) detection and monitoring
  • Single inbox for email, voicemail, and fax communications

6. Industry Experience

Although hosted voice providers vary in price, experience, and quality while an industry-leader acquire vast experience and impressive customer satisfaction scores. That’s why carefully interview them about each hosted voice platform minor to major requirement.

Put the above key points aside for a while. It may be most imperative for a provider to ensure incredible VoIP mobility. Conclusively, the right hosted voice service for your business ensures your monthly service fee will return you high-quality voice communications, the right features, and expert support inline.