Flowers are acclaimed for their captivating beauty, and it has become a part of gifting ideas for almost every occasion for ages. Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, or on Valentine’s Day and Friendship day; flowers have always made an appearance as gifts.

How to Choose Flowers Suitable For Every

They are available in a wide array of colors and types, and each of them depicts a certain emotion and sentiment; while red flowers show love and passion, yellow flowers symbolize friendship and optimism. Hence, you should consider the color of the flowers before giving it to the recipient as colors itself speak a lot than you would know. Bloomville consists of every type of flower one can need to give during any occasion.

Here is the list of different occasions with suitable flower options 


Aside from personal gifts to each other, flowers also contribute as an anniversary gift. Red and pink flowers are the most recommended options as they show love and passion. However, Daisy, Daffodil, Aster, and Iris are also good options as each of them is a testament of passionate love. But if you want to gift your loved ones on their anniversary occasion, send flowers to Delhi and try choosing a seasonal option or something that adds a personal touch to the couple.

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Anything bright and colorful is suitable for birthdays. In particular, if you are a friend than a better-half, going for yellow flowers would be your best bet as they represent friendship, optimism, and joy. But eschew yellow carnations as they symbolize disappointment. Some other suitable options include Lily, Aster, Marigold, Daisy, and Violet. Get online bouquet delivery for the birthday person and make them feel special and loved.

How To Choose Flowers Suitable For Every Occasion 2

Valentine’s Day

The choice of flowers depends on the status of your relationship with the other person. If your relationship has just begun, you would want to play it safe and give her lavender roses that signify enchantment as Valentine’s Day roses are perfect for a more committed relationship. But if you are happily married but your partner isn’t a fan of roses, then the best alternative would be Tulips as it also means love. No matter what your choice is, abstain from using yellow roses and carnations as they depict friendship and disappointment.

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Valentine's Day flowers


Buy flowers in the holiday season and include it with green leaves to bring on the Christmas spirit. It is also the time when most flowers are exchanged between one another. Red and white flowers like Red Poinsettia, Amaryllis, and paperwhites are the perfect Christmas flowers. They are flamboyant and show good cheer and wishes for success. Besides, their colors act as a great Christmas decor at one’s house. 

Christmas flowers


Funeral flowers are given to commemorate the deceased person. They are also sent directly to the funeral home and are usually made with large and formal arrangements. The Color of the flowers is of utmost importance in this situation, and orange and red flowers must be avoided as they are used to celebrate new life. Look for white, blue, or green colored flowers that symbolize peace and calmness. Some of the appropriate options include white Carnations, white Daisies, and Lily.

Funeral flowers

Get well

Get well flowers shows you pray for the recipient’s health and hope they get better soon, and hence, the type of flower you choose should also covey the same meaning and help them uplift their spirits. But the type varies depending on whether the person is at the hospital or home. If they are in the hospital, try to avoid flowers with high fragrant. The best option would be an assortment of tulips, Irises, and Gladioli. Go for house plants if they are recovering at home as the green color represents health and well-being.


On this occasion, go for bright and cheerful flowers that enhance the decor of their house. Also, go for fresh and alluring fragrant to fill the house with joy and happiness. Orchids would be a perfect gift for someone with a busy schedule as they need minimum care, and the luscious blossoms will make the house look gorgeous. But any other bright colored flowers like red or yellow would also be a splendid option. With online florist in Bangalore, get them a bouquet to make their new home fill positivity and radiance. And lastly, opt for a beautiful vase or a gourmet basket along with the flowers.

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Thank you

Buy flowers like carnations, lilies, or daisies which make an excellent option as a Thank You gift to someone. A bouquet is a kind and thoughtful way of saying that you are grateful for their help. You can also get a box of chocolate as a side gift.

Now whatever the occasion is, you will be aware of the color and type of flower you should give for the particular event.