Bitcoin is a new addition to the online world. Bit coin can be referred as trading and investment. Do you know the best thing about trade and investment? Trade and investment both can be controlled but if you don’t have the control then it is neither trade not the investment.

Some words about the Bitcoin

The CEO of Digital Currency Group global Barry Silbert said that that investment in cryptocurrency is very risky but comes with high return investment.

Earning Bitcoin

Bitcoin is very popular all over the world. People are investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some of the countries banned Bitcoin. The list includes Colombia, Taiwan, China, Kyrgyzstan Thailand and Vietnam. The country did not banned bitcoin because it is having risk in investment but due to security risk as it violates some of the state’s laws.

If you are the person who is going to invest in bit coin only due to its hype, then this is not the good decision you are going to make. According to an expert investor Warren Buffet. He says that Bitcoin it is a Mirage. The idea behind this has some huge intrinsic is value just like a Joke.

So as in the statement you can see that people are not buying according to the value of substance. They are buying only due to the value of Hype”.

So, it will be correct to say that Bitcoin is a Hype.

Bitcoin Working?

There is no proper mechanism that is running Bitcoin. Bit coin value see a variation every day up to 30%. In Bitcoin, we have no influence wear just investing here and waiting to see the increase in the value of Bitcoin.

Investing in Bitcoin

If you are deciding to invest in Bitcoin then you are just moving with the flow because many people are doing so in many countries.When investing you need to select the best Platform to invest in Bitcoin. This is important to make sure that it’s not spam or gamble.

Bitcoin-A Virtual Investment

You need to keep one thing in mind that Bitcoin is virtual Investment. It is not an actual investment like equity fund, share, debt fund, property etc.

Difference between Actual and Virtual Investment?

Actual Investment moves slowly whereas the virtual investment is very fast but it is not predictable. But you must know that there is no major difference between these two because in actual investment it is also not predictable.

Both investments are having their own different nature of growth. That’s why comparing Actual Investment and Virtual Investment is not the right thing to do.

Virtual Investment is a new concept, limited track, and has a very low credibility. In case of actual investment,it is an old concept,detailed track, and higher credibility in Pakistan.

Howto Earn Bitcoin?

No need to buy 1 Bitcoin if you are start investing in Bit coin. It is best to buy first some satoshi. Satoshi is a unit of Bitcoin.0.000,000,001 Bitcoin is equal to 1 Satoshi.So, it’s not necessary to buy one Bitcoin. You can buy 1 tenth of a Bitcoin or 1 fifth of a Bitcoin depending on your range of investment.

Fraudin Bitcoin
After the hype of Bitcoin, there are many companies who started their own cryptocurrencies. Almost 700 Plus Cryptocurrencies exist in the market and these numbers are increasing daily. But you can’t say that all are fraud. Most of them are working fine but some cheaters or scammers started their own work. So, before you invest it is better to ensure that the platform selected by you is right and fee from fraud.

Keep one thing on top as said before investing in Bitcoin is risky. Some are sure that you buy Bitcoins from a trust able source because there are many scammers outside in Bitcoin Market.

How Bitcoin Mining works?
If any Bitcoin owner wants to transfer the Bitcoin he need to pay some fees for a successful transaction and the person who is authenticating that transaction once successfully completed then the person earn the bitcoin in return as a reward. So,this is the way Bitcoin Mining works.

So, for the Bitcoin Mining, miners should have high processor then he will able to authenticate Bitcoin transaction and to run the high processor you need a high power electricity.

This mean that Bitcoin can be only profitable when electricity bills are less than earning. For instance, if you are mining Bitcoins and earned 50$ but the electricity bill is 70$ then this is the totally loss of time and money.

Some Interesting Facts about Bitcoin

  • If you had invested just say 50$ 7 years ago now you will be having $4.4 Million.
  • The maximum limit of Bitcoin is 21 Million BTC. In present day there are total 17,396,000 bitcoins in the circulation.
  • Total 83 percent of Bitcoin are in circulation.
  • 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 10299.00 dollar.

History of Bitcoin
Let’s talk about the history of Bitcoin. According to Google Satoshi Nakamo to is the founder and first miner of Bitcoin. But no one knows him so this mean that founder of Bitcoin is anonymous and its last activity was found in 2011 and another mysterious thing about him is that no one know why he left work on Bitcoin.

Final Words about How to Earn Bitcoin
Everyone is looking for a way to earn and they are looking for an instant way. After knowing all the details you can see that Bit coin along with other cryptocurrencies are non-predictable. So, when you are going to invest keep these things in your mind. You should make your mind that you will get profit and loss both with a greater ration. Be ready to face every scenario because Bitcoin building is standing on rock that shakes every time you it may drop you down and your invested money can get doubled or you can loss all your money. These possibilities are there so before doing anything keep all these point in your mind.