How to Quote a Tweet

What does that mean?

Twitter is an application used by several people around the world. Celebrities, politicians use it very often. Celebrities interact with their fans through twitter and politicians also interact with their respective country’s fellow people. It is used by different people of different age groups.

Twitter gained its popularity’s through this because there is no restriction of age except the account holder on twitter should be 13 years old. A tweet is a chirp of a small or young bird but on twitter, it means a post. Quoting a tweet on twitter is sharing someone else’s tweet on your twitter feed and you can put up an additional element to that tweet as your comment.

How to Quote a Tweet

Sometimes people like other’s tweet or post and in order to support or if they agree to it or to bring awareness people tend to share it so their followers can also have a look, other times it may appear funny to them and they can add a relevant caption or any sort they prefer.

Quoting a tweet can also be referred to as Retweeting but retweeting means sharing someone’s tweet were quoting a tweet lets you contribute a comment where you can put up your thoughts. Previously it was really laborious for the twitter users to write a comment on the shared tweet most of them did not bother but now since it is easy, here are some trouble-free steps, and if you follow them you can quote a tweet or in other words retweet with a comment.Click here to know more about twitter accounts.

Quoting a tweet on Twitter’s Website:

  1. First of all, open the official website of twitter if you have not already and log in or sign in to your Twitter account. If you don’t have one you can effortlessly sign up as well.
  2. Once you have logged in to your twitter account, look for a tweet that is worth sharing, at the bottom there would be a retweet icon select the retweet icon that would have all the hallmarks of the square made of two arrows.
  3. Now you are able to see a dialogue box on your screen. Type your valuable comment in the text box given. You can put up your opinions but word limit is to be kept in mind that is of 140 words, add in the word limit is right now not possible and twitter would not allow that is it would not let you complete your sentence if there is an increase in words than 140.
  4. Then when you have finished writing your quote, click on a tweet which is at the bottom of the Quote Tweet dialog box to publish your retweet with a quote.
  5. You have now posted the tweet with your quote and your followers can see it on your feed. Your followers can now like or comment on that post or even retweet with a comment like yours.

Quoting a Tweet on Twitter Application:

  1. To quote a tweet on twitter application you have to first download the application from the play store or App store.
  2. After you have downloaded the twitter application, sign in to your twitter account if you already have excess to an account and if you don’t have a twitter account you can sign up and create one.
  3. Pick a tweet you would want to share. It could be anything, no specifics.
  4. There would be a Retweet option inside, select that.
  5. The menu would appear on your phone screen, you can write your quote there.
  6. There will be a shift in your screen and another page would become visible to you. Put in your thoughts in the space given. (Reminder; you have a word limit to 140 and cannot exceed it).
  7. In the time following, you would have noticed a Retweet icon at the top right corner, go for that icon.
  8. You have now quoted a tweet and it would be displayed on your twitter feed.

Significances of Quoting a Tweet:

To get indulged in great discussions or to increase your social work quoting a tweet would play a huge role in it. Nowadays it is easy for people to put up their opinions on social media so people who are unaware could gain awareness. People tweet about things that are trending and what is in their minds. Below given are the reasons why quoting a tweet is helpful.

  1. Interaction with different people around the world would increase. As soon as you have put your comment on certain things your friends or followers would interact if they find it amusing or if they agree with it.
  2. It provides context to your thoughts.
  3. Formation of other opinions. If your comment has a greater influence it could have an impact on someone and that way you could create their opinions.
  4. Opinions would be valued, nowadays it is easy for you to out your opinion and let people know what you think about a certain tweet which itself could also be an opinion.
  5. Greater social circle. The more the interaction the greater the social circle.
  6. Higher growth of followers.
  7. Bringing attention to relevant subjects than just entertainment. Sharing something with a valuable comment that someone shared like a charity could help in the expansion of charity.
  8. Throwing light to good initiatives. Sometimes high-level subjects need words.
  9. More likes and comments and that could also be a source of earning.
  10. Higher reach to the important subjects.
  11. Build loyalty.
  12. Being a voice to many. If you get more followers you can be the voice of minors.
  13. Source of entertainment.


Quoting a tweet or retweeting with a comment is easy and it should be encouraged as it brings a lot of positive changes if it has done for the good. Your opinion should not be more than 140 words. Making it simple and understandable should be kept in mind because of the limit.

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