One of the biggest and epic aspects of the US-China trade is the war between Google v. Huawei sag. Both sides have taken some fairly immense hits. It is important to note that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is blacklisted by US companies due to security fears. On the other hand, Google has lost a reasonably huge group of consumers. This seems that there is no clear resolution but a twist has arrived into the conflict. This is that Huawei’s Mate 30 phones are not having access to Google’s Android apps.

Huawei Mate 30 Is Not Able to Download Google Apps

Tech War is Still Happening

As per the report by Bloomberg, the Chinese company’s latest flagship devices are not able to install apps like Google Maps and Gmail even through the backdoor access. The Mate 30 users are not able to manually download and install apps due to the restrictions imposed. Previously, they were able to download the apps via an application called LZPLay. This is a loophole that is not working and Google is apparently the only entity that will bring about a change. If this report is true, then the Mate 30 users all over the globe have lost access to Google apps.

Keeping all this in view, it will be difficult for the company to compete in the global market with Apple’s devices and all smartphones that are having full access to Google apps. The company is still thriving in its native China where the vast majority of Google apps and services are banned by the government. The locals are relying on alternatives like WeChat and Baidu. Note that Mate 30’s global sales will suffer and Huawei have to come up with a different strategy to retain their business worldwide if the trade war is not going to end.