Huawei is preparing for its own operating software!

China’s Huawei has applied for its own trademark called “Hongmeng” operating system (OS). It will be available in at least nine countries and Europe as per the data from a UN body. The company is deploying a back-up plan in key markets as U.S. sanctions are threatening its business model.

The company decided to take the step after the Trump administration put Huawei on a blacklist last month and it has banned the company for doing business with U.S. tech companies like Alphabet Inc, who’s Android OS is used in Huawei’s phones.

After this, the Huawei, the world’s greatest producer of telecoms system gear – has petitioned for a Hongmeng trademark in nations including Cambodia, Canada, South Korea, and New Zealand agreeing to the data from the U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Huawei Own Operating Software

Furthermore, the company has also filed an application in Peru on May 27, according to the country’s anti-trust agency Indecopi.

Huawei has prepared for a back-up OS in case it cut ties from U.S.-made software according to the Richard Yu, CEO of the firm’s consumer division, told German newspaper Die Welt in an interview earlier this year.

The firm which is the world’s second-largest maker of smartphones has not revealed any details about its OS.

Its applications to trademark the OS shows that Huawei is planning to use “Hongmeng” for gadgets that include smartphones, portable computers to robots and car televisions.

At home, Huawei connected for a Hongmeng trademark in August a year ago and got a gesture a month ago, according to the recording on China’s protected innovation organization’s site.

On this matter, Huawei declined to comment.


According to WIPO data, the earliest Huawei applications to trademark the Hongmeng OS outside China was made on May 14 to the European Union Intellectual Property Office and South Korea. This was done right after the United States said that they will stick on their decision of export blacklist on Huawei.

Huawei has come under mounting scrutiny for a year led by U.S. allegations that they are using the back doors in its routers, switches and other gear. This practice will allow China to spy on U.S. communications. On the other hands, the company has denied its products pose a security threat.

According to a senior Huawei executive statement this week:

“Huawei’s would like to turn into the world’s top-selling cell phone creator in the final quarter this year have now been postponed”

In the coming days, we will see where the company finally reaches and when we are going to see their own operating software.


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