Apple is going to release iOS 13 this fall for the iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. It will be having a lot of improvements but the most dramatic change is coming to Apple’s in-car interface known as CarPlay.

Lets Talk About iOS 13 in detail

CarPlay has introduced four years ago. Last year it was able to use third-party mapping apps last year and it has not really changed since then. But in iOS 13, it will be getting a major update that will make it more competitive with Google’s similar Android Auto platform. The new version is available in the beta version but Apple is still doing little work before they launch it publicly later this year.

iOS 13 Best Upgrade in your Car

The biggest upgrade in the CarPlay’s is the new multifunction dashboard. This will allow you to see a map, the next piece of guidance to your destination all in one place, and what’s currently playing on the car stereo Previously, CarPlay require bouncing between different screens to see a track name for getting directions to a destination. The new design will be making it easier to see the information at a glance.

Siri will be working the same as in iOS 13’s CarPlay, but the interface has been made better. When you will be speaking to Siri and it’s providing a response has been simplified and it will not kick you out to a different screen.

If you are viewing a map and make a request to Siri, you can still have your eyes on the map and directions while Siri processes and give you the answer. In addition to this, Siri also give you suggestions in the new dashboard view for HomeKit-compatible devices like garage door openers and you will be able to play music and other audio using third-party apps like Spotify or Pandora.

Finally, CarPlay will enable you to independently control an app on the phone that is different from the one being displayed on the car’s screens. Previously, anytime you are using the phone to do something, it will close the screen displayed in the car.

This experience will be frustrating for passengers to look something up or read something on the phone. Furthermore, now you are able to use the phone for an app and the CarPlay session without any interruption.

This was a brief about the new upgrade technology in the Car Paly coming with iOS 13. You will have to wait till fall to try all new thing.