Over the past years, Apple has spent a great amount of time and energy on a message that Apple really cares about your privacy. The company also displayed the billboard about privacyads. Furthermore, they are also having a dedicated section on their website about the privacy practices. According to CEO Tim Cook, Congress has said to change privacy laws. Now, Apple is adding new privacy features to iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Top 5 iOS 13 Features

iOS 13 will come preinstalled on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, and it will be for free for iPhone 6S and new models.The new features will give you more control how apps will access your location, ways to stop from scanning nearby Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks to know your location, a new sign-in method for third-party apps and expanding HomeKit security features.

Lets Talk about IOS 13 Top 5 Features

How Apps Track Your Location?

One of the exciting iOS 13 features is that apps are no longer allowed to request constant access to your location for the first time you are going to open them. Instead, you get three different options:

  • Allow location access while you’re using app
  • Allow once
  • Don’t allow it at all.

Apple is working with an aimto make the process more transparent on how app can access your location.Furthermore, a location reminder shows you how often and at a point where app is checking your location.

Wi-Fi Snooping is Stopped

Apps will only get access to Wi-Fi network information on iOS 13 or iPadOS if you give allow them the access to your location only if they are VPN (virtual private network) apps or if they are apps that configure and use a nearby hotspot. Other than these three types, apps will not see which Wi-Fi networks you are connected to.

Apple did not stop with enhanced location privacy in iOS 13 featureand iPadOS as well. Note that there is a new Sign in with Apple feature that you will see in apps now when this iOS roll out

Sign in with Apple is just similar to Facebook and Google’s sign-in buttons.But Apple’s approach of not tracking and storing user data for selling the ads. Here Apple will generate an email address for you for using when you are going to sign up and log in to apps.

This will spare you from getting spam sent to inbox and will keeps you from creating a fake account for protecting your privacy.

Stops Sneaky Bluetooth-Snooping

The next important iOS 13 Features is the Bluetooth snooping. Some apps will not request access to your location, but this will not stop them from using known nearby Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices to get a good idea for your location.

Improvements in HomeKit

Other than iOS, Apple also announced some smart home platform HomeKit. It is gaining support for secure routers and encrypted home security cameras. The new routers will provide a firewall layer to your smart home devices and this will give you the complete control over on which devices will able to communicate with each other.

HomeKit cameras will soon be having encrypted video capabilities and iCloud storage. Currently, most of the smart home video cameras uploaded unencrypted video to their respective servers for storage and analyzing. With the HomeKit Secure Video, your all uploaded video will be encrypted and no one can view it.