A new iOS 13 feature will be addressing one of the most annoying aspects of the App Store and it is unwanted subscriptions.

The iPhone makers are once again trying to tame overly aggressive subscriptions with a new feature that will make it easy to unsubscribe from subscriptions. This feature was spotted in the iOS 13 developer beta, so it will not be widely available until iOS 13 officially launches later this year.

iOS 13 Will Purge Unwanted App Subscription

According to an update by MacStories editor Federico Vitucci, deleting an app that you’ve previously purchased a subscription for will remind you of your subscription and it will allow you to cancel it.

This seems like a rather obvious feature but it is was the one that was sorely needed. Apple has been censured for making App Store memberships too hard to even think about handling on the grounds that evacuating one was a nine-advance procedure that enabled obscure designers to make a large number of dollars off of junk apps.

Apple has been taking several steps over the years to make subscriptions easier to manage but the fact that deleting an app doesn’t actually cancel your subscription has been a point of concern. Majority of the users thinks that deleting an app cancels their subscription only to find they are still charged even no longer using the service.

But with the change coming to iOS 13 technology, deleting an app won’t automatically cancel your subscription, but it will remind you of this and link it will you to the page where you can manage your subscriptions and cancel the service as per your need.

It is a subtle change but it should be helping the users on several fronts. With this, you no longer have to wade through your settings pages to find that unsubscribe button. And you will less likely to forget about unwanted subscriptions in the first place. Furthermore, best of all, it will make a life of developers more difficult to abuse subscriptions for creating crappy apps.

Now we all have to wait for the official launch of iOS 13.