Without any doubt, the coronavirus outbreak has affected every industry. Apple is also having a busy year in terms of product launches ahead and some of the devices will be delayed. There are chances that the supply will not be fulfilled. If the phones are delayed and events are canceled, still the iOS 14 will roll out on time this summer.

iOS 14 Beta- iPhone 9 Details

iOS 14 Beta

As per the iOS 14 leaks, it will be having some life-saving Apple Watch features including the handwriting recognition Some new reports are appearing up that tell us more about the mobile OS. In reality, there are so many details that can’t be ignored and we are going to each and everyone in the following blog:

Apple TV Remote

This might be the most exciting news; the iOS 14 code also tells about the new Apple TV remote. This will be surprising for every owner who has used Apple TV. The remote is one of the worst products that is released by Apple in the last decade. Now, it is the best time to move on to a new design.

Apple TV Remote

AirTags Batteries

Now, we are going to talk about AirTags. As per the iOS 14 code, Apple’s Tile competitor will have batteries that will be replaced by the user. Due to this, there will be no need to buy a whole new AirTag or taking your AirTag to the Apple Store.

iOS 14 Beta- iPhone 9 Details, Gestures, And Much More 1

iPad Pro Triple-lens Camera

Let’s start the conversation with the iPad Pro. According to the report, the iPad will have a triple-lens camera. As per the rumors, it will be the first device by Apple that will unveil in 2020. The iPad will have a telephoto lens, wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide lens, along with a 3D time-of-flight sensor that will bring new augmented reality experiences.

iPad Pro Triple-lens Camera

Update About iPhone 9

According to the reports, the iOS 14 is also providing the details about the iPhone 9 as well but the name is still not confirmed. The iPhone 9 will have a Touch ID functionality.

iOS Home Screen

Customers also going to see a brand-new page in iOS 14. With this, you can see all the apps that you have currently installed on your iPhone or iPad. Currently, the only way for finding an iOS app is to search for it in the search bar or swipe on your home screen. But in the new list view, you will be able to able to choose from a different variety of sorting options that have recently used to apps with the unread notifications. The list will be having a smart suggestion for the apps according to your own location and the time of day.

iOS Gestures

The report also tells us about the iOS 14 that will include new tracked gestures that will let the users switch between the applications. These are designed for the new Smart Keyboard model that has to be announced by Apple.

iOS Accessibility Features

The company also uncovers a range of accessibility improvements that are coming in the iOS 14. This will have the ability to detect sounds such as fire alarms and doorbells for alerting the person who is not able to hear, audio tuning on the AirPods or EarPods for the individuals with hearing loss, support for the camera for detecting hand gestures, and the option for running an audiogram on the device for allowing users to tune the audio correctly.

iOS 14 Wallpapers

Wallpapers will be divided into three categories in iOS 13 that include the dynamic, stills, and live. In iOS 14, the organization will go deeper, with categories like “Earth & Moon” or “Flowers” that will be appearing within the larger sections. Now, the third parties will have the ability to offer wallpaper collections and will add them to the iOS Settings menu.