Zagg’s new $99.99 Folio keyboard case is the best thing that you can get for your iPad Mini. But if you are using your iPad in situations where you are using an iPad mini as your computer, then this is actually pretty good.

iPad Mini Keyboard That You Must Try

Keyboard cases for iPad models are having an obvious problem: the tablet has to be propped to get a viewing angle. Zagg’s keyboard approach includes a kickstand-equipped case with a thin keyboard that comes with magnetic attachment.

Key Highlights

The case is made up of lightweight plastic with a fabric finish. It is not cheap, but it is also not premium as well. One of the important things here is that it will not add much bulk to the iPad mini. The resulting combination is similar to the size as a hardback notebook and you can toss it just like any bag. You can easily take the iPad in and out of the case and this is a big relief indeed because in other products it was a pain point with similar products for larger iPads, including from Zagg as well.

It is important to note that the keys are pretty cramped and this scarify has to be made in the layout. The area that is hardest to be used is to the right of the keyboard, where a half-sized ‘key sits between the full-sized and enter keys. Typing words with apostrophes will require a little practice. But the keys feel fine and the typing experience is much better as compared to using the on-screen keyboard. In addition to the adjustable RGB backlighting, this actually might be the best choice for tray-table typing on a flight.


The case makes it a little difficult to press the sleep and wake button. But opening the keyboard wakes up the iPad and you will want to unlock it with Touch ID anyway. The iPad’s slim side bezels also mean that the hinge comes in the way of the slide-up gesture for the dock. Note that there is a dedicated multitasking button on the function row which acts as a substitute.


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