Hi friends! I hope, of course you will be glad to see our new and freshly upgrading about a well designed and fresh model iPhone 11 in 2019. Everyone know, iPhone has a great status in the all over world of smart phones. In light of its changed highlights agreeing time to time.Certainly, iPhone turned into an Apple of everybody eyes for year of past. Without it, the users of iPhone live like a fish out of water. So to say, in every age iPhone prove like a dark horse. I Know, the fans of iPhone will be exciting to know about a well designed shaped and a dreamy device after their own heart. They will be also glad to know about iPhone 11unbeatable features.

iPhone 11

You know, in these days of competition, the all biggest and small companies of smartphones maker want to move beyond each other. So, for this purpose, these companies offer their new amazing smartphones. You already know that Apple proves always as a wet blanket for all other competitors and it always a walk over to all companies.

Thus, for this challenge, iPhone 11 will come updating the age of Apple in 2019. The top insider of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo says about this latest series, this series will be more excitable above everyone thought. In so far as I know, this series will be armed to the teeth with the all-new existing features.

The exciting features of iPhone 11

  • Triple Camera arrangement

From some believable rumors, we come to know, in iPhone 11 series Apple adding a amazing Triple camera arrangement. According to today’s trend, iPhone 11 give us a feature which is hard to imagine. This three cameras setup is arranged in the upper left hand corner with a dashing flash. The company try to improve these cameras zooming capacity and shots of ultra wide-angle. These cameras will be 10 Megapixel and 14 Megapixel. This triple camera setup make this Apple generation variant from other devices of Samsung, Huawei, OPPO etc.

  • Appropriate Display

The users of iPhone will be glad to see that iPhone 11 has large display of 5.8-inch. Its display is same as iPhone 10X which launched in previous year. This nice display give us a good size for easily pick up this smart device.

  • Amazing Colors

Surrounding leaks tells us that we will have received in September the early two amazing colors Silver and Gold. We want to give you an amazing surprise that the area around the triple camera setup will black in both two colors.

  • Some peculiar features of iPhone 11

Through iPhone 11 flashing shape it overshadowing all competitors. The shape of 11 series is similarly iPhone 10X. On the base of leaks of OnLeaks latest information, we come to know that Apple will change 11 series by a mute switch button. This mute button had used in some oldest iPads. It has a much smaller area for our finger to push easily. iPhone 11 will have a reverse wireless charging also. Which charge the largest battery. This setup like as the Apple AirPods wireless system. This wire attached in the back. It is our new updates. In my opinion, this flashing smartphone will be giving a wave of a stir among Apple fans.