We are mostly providing information about mobile devices that are recently launched in the market. But today, we will be discussing some news regarding latest technology related to various niches. Let’ get started:

Ford Cart: First on the list, we have Ford Cart. Ford is known for car manufacturing. Now, the company is launching a shopping cart and taking the experience to the next level. The cart will be having sensors to stop the cart automatically if anything comes in contact.

Xiaomi Mi Hand Held Wireless Sweeper: Xiaomi has launched a hand held wireless sweeper. It can be controlled with hand to clean the area and comes with wireless connection.

Apple Recall Three Pin Adapters: Apple three pin adapter have been in market from 2003 to 2010. This is usually sold in Hong Kong and UK. Due to some issues, Apple has recall them to fix the issue. If you are having this adapter, then you can replace it.

One Plus 7: One plus is launching their new flagship device on 14 may, 2019. Let see what we can get in this device. We also share a blog on blog on leaks of one plus 7. Do check it out.

Oppo F11 Avenger Addition: Oppo has launched the F11 Avenger addition in Malaysia. Hope that it will launched soon in other countries as well.

Brain Signals to Speech: A research has been conducted that will enable your brain signal to speech without. You don’t need to talk with your mount. Your brain signal will converted into speech. 

Galaxy View 2: Samsung has launched Galaxy view 2 to continue its Galaxy view line up. It comes with a size of 17 inch display.

Google Duo Video Calling: Now, 4 people can talk using Google Duo.

NASA Asteroid Exercise: NASA is planning to do an exercise in the next week in which circumstance will create about what will happen if an asteroid hit the planet. The artificial intelligence conditions will be made to see the impact.

Xiaomi Poco F2: Xiaomi Poco F2 might be launching soon.

Redmi Flagship: Redmi flagship will be coming with 32MP pop up selfie camera.

WHO Mobile Update: According to WHO, if your five year old kid is exposed to mobile screen for one hour, then it is very harmful for the heath of your kid.

These were the updates regarding technology. Hope you like it. We will be sharing more in the future as well. Do share your comments about the updates.