Smart displays are the new addition in a smart speaker game. Everyone, from Amazon to Google to Facebook, is releasing their own product to compete in the market.

Most of the smart displays, like Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub, use their screens to show a good amount of extra information including photos, maps, and videos. The Smart Clock is essentially a Google Home Mini with a 4-inch screen to display the time. In addition to this, there is no camera for video calling, the screen cannot play YouTube videos, and the sound quality is not up to the mark.

Lenovo Smart Clock Review

At $80, the Smart Clock is reasonably priced. It is just $30 more than a Google Home Mini. That extra money will give you a small touchscreen. The Smart Clock is cheaper than the $130 Echo Spot. It is having a smaller 2.5-inch round touchscreen.

In comparison to Google’s Nest Hub and Amazon’s new Echo Show 5, and the Smart Clock is not much valuable. The Nest Hub is priced at $130 but it is frequently sold for $100 from Google and we have seen it for less at big-box retailers. Furthermore, the $90 Echo Show 5 will costs $10 more than as compared to Smart Clock and comes with a larger, 5.5-inch touchscreen along with more smart display features.

Nice Looking

Smart displays and good looking is almost never going hand in hand but Smart Clock is an adorable little bedside or desk gadget.

The wedge-shaped device resembles with Echo Show (second-gen), but it was tiny. Furthermore, it is barely larger than a Google Home Mini and roughly the size of a bedside alarm clock that you can find at IKEA or Target.

Google Home Mini Smart

You can do everything with the Google Assistant on the Home Mini as it works exactly the same on the Smart Clock. A person will not have any issue saying “Hey Google” to bring up the Assistant for telling the weather, playing music, turning on my smart lights, and more. But still, it is a good alarm clock?

The 4-inch resolution display sounds less on paper but there are more than enough pixels (800 x 480) to display the time. You can pick 10 different clock faces according to choice.

Weak sound

The sound is not very good but you don’t have to make it one reason for not buying. Things come with their own pros and cons. You should keep it one mind when buying a product.