There are different types of the housing when you opt for living in Canada. These are divided into single-family homes, condo living, apartments, and lofts. The decision you make entirely depends on your requirements and the budget and your affordability. People are much more clear about the single-family homes and condos but they think a lot before buying a loft.

The Good and Bad Side of Living in a Loft

Aloft is a large, open space without internal walls and it’s located mostly in industrial places or commercial buildings. Usually, they are the commercial buildings that have been converted into residential apartments.

A major part of the customers thinks before buying a loft because most of them directly go for condos or single-family homes.

Talk in Detail about Living in a Loft

So, there’s a good side and a bad side of living in a loft and before you go for a loft, these are the pros and cons you should know.

The Good Side

  • Huge Spaces

The best thing about a loft is that they offer huge, wide spaces with heightened ceilings that allow you to do decorate according to your choice. If you want to convert it into a home office you can utilize the wide space and make it one. While living in a loft, you can enjoy the perks of open space living. Without thinking much, you can arrange a party, remodel the space or leave the space as it is.

  • Embrace Creativity

Since you own a huge space that’s all yours, you can be your own boss. From creative art to furnishing, you can bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to make it a spa or have ideas to decorate the foyer, you can utilize the place to make it beautiful.

  • Natural Light

When you live in Toronto lofts, know that would be direct sunlight entering your loft. And if you think you can hang curtains to block the sunlight, it will ruin the beauty of the place. If you’re a daylight seeker, then lofts are the best to go. Plus, if you the benefits of sunlight in your home, you would start loving the lofts. They can also help you in cutting the electricity cost by helping you consume the daylight.

The Bad Side

  • Limited Storage

Although there are wide spaces in a loft due to the unavailability of the cupboards, cabins and fixed furniture, you’ll find it challenging to manage the storage space. So, you’ll be needing a lot of creativity to manage your closet while staying in lofts.

  • Open Bedrooms can Disturb your Privacy

Most of the lofts have open bedrooms that are connected with the living area. So, if you share the loft with your friend it can be disturbing to hear the phone ringing, conversations, and the lights when you don’t want to have. If you’re sharing it with a couple then it can disturb their privacy as well. So, due to the open floor plans, you can face some problems.

  • Bad Smell can Linger Everywhere

Aloft welcomes open space so any good or bad smell you make, everyone will be knowing about it. Therefore, if you have children in the loft or someone is creating havoc in the kitchen, you’ll be knowing it or smelling it.

  • Cooling & Heating Costs

Since space is huge and if you use the room coolers or heater for the whole loft, then it can fuel up your electricity bills. The amount you saved from utilizing the daylight can go in maintaining the temperature of your loft.

Is it Worth Living?

Lofts may not be the perfect fit as your Yorkville condos for sale, but they can be better if you stylize it in your way. Plus, if you’re a huge art and crafts fan, then with your loft you can bring your artistic ideas to life. And if you know how to manage the cons I mentioned then I can bet you can have a perfect living in your loft. Despite all, if you’re moved by the idea of living in a loft then you should go for it. If you think you can bear the noise and lingering smell for some of the times then the decision can work in your favor.

So, considering these pros and cons of living in a loft, what are your thoughts about buying it?

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