iPad apps are now coming to Mac, and iTunes has broken apart into several different apps. In term of consumer perspective, these are the most significant new aspects of macOS Catalina that Apple will be rolling out to Mac computers this fall. There will be many changes and improvements to macOS Catalina, from a redesigned Reminders app to small but with helpful addition like iCloud Drive folder sharing. Following are some of the addition in the macOS 10.15:

macOS Catalina First Look

ITUNES Breaks into Apple Music, Podcasts, and TV

Apple is saying goodbye to iTunes for the Mac, breaking the bloated software into three more focused apps that will include Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. According to the company, these apps will offer great performance.

Apple Music is like a gateway to the company’s subscription music service, but it will also handle all of the traditional music library management that iTunes did previously. You will also get more color throughout the app and in the sidebar which is going to be a nice change since iTunes had gotten pretty drab.

Sidecar Allow You To Use Your IPad as a Second Display

Apple is taking a cue from apps like Luma Display and they are going to introduce a new feature in macOS Catalina called Sidecar. This new addition will allow your iPad to serve as a secondary or mirrored display for your Mac. This will be working for both wired and wirelessly and Apple have said that the performance will be basically identical between the two. Furthermore, the wireless mode can be a little buggy in this beta stage. It is also limited to a range of 10 meters because Apple’s is using Bluetooth as part of the Sidecar magic.

In addition to this, any app that supports stylus input will let you draw or edit with your Apple Pencil instantly without developers having to do anything. This will covers apps like Adobe Lightroom, Illustrator, and other like Affinity Photo. Moving on, if you are a pro app user, Sidecar will be offering more ease for annotating PDFs or signing documents on your Mac.

Moving on, you will be getting Find My, redesigned reminder apps, screen time, voice control, iPhone and iPads synchronize easily through finder now.


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