The new Microsoft Surface Duo is giving us the thing that we want from the long-rumored Surface Phone, even if it is not officially called a smartphone.

Surface Duo sounds like a phone because it can make calls and it is having dual 5.6-inch screens that fit ergonomically in one hand when the device is folded up. In addition to this, it runs on Android. But Microsoft is referring to it as a communication device” on stage. So, now we have to see if there are any more surprises that disqualify it from being called a proper phone.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo Price and Release Date

Microsoft Surface Duo will go on sale in time before December 2020. For now, we are not having proper details about the cost and in which region it will be available. But as it is having two screens so you can guess that it will be expensive. At this point, there is no information that whether it will be sold by carriers on contract.

Design, Display, and Features

The Microsoft Surface Duo is similar to a shrunken version of the Microsoft Surface Neo. Surface Neo is a dual-screen tablet also introduced at Microsoft’s October 2019 event.

The Surface Duo is having two 5.6-inch screens but unlike other foldable smartphones, Microsoft’s displays are made of Gorilla Glass. The two screens are divided by a very visible hinge. Note that the experience is not as seamless as in the Huawei Mate X Samsung Galaxy Fold. But note that this might have fewer problems than we have seen in early foldable.

When the device is unfolded, it stretches to 8.3 inches. This screen size is just larger than the iPad Mini 5 with the 7.9-inch display. You can bend it farther than flat as compared to the full 360 degrees and allowing for front-to-back glass. When closed, it is not having any exterior screen, so it is a first handheld device in a long time that will not need a cover to protect the screen.

The Duo will be running on Android version that will come after the 10 presumably whatever comes after Android and it is including the support for the foldable screens. Microsoft said on the stage that Duo will be compatible with all the android apps.

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