We mostly talk about mobile devices, today our topic is also related to recent information. Our topic is Mobile SEO. Mobile SEO means the search engine optimization of websites connected with entire viewing on our mobile devices, smartphones and such as tablets also. The webmasters created a big plan for Mobile SEO. 60% of internet users also want to use websites through their daily using devices. After all, Google is also in favoring of Mobile-friendly sites SEO.

Mobile SEO

Now we are giving you some details which give a guideline for Newcomers to consider Mobile SEO plan. In my opinion, this detail will also help you to understand how properly optimize your website for optimal user experiences through all mobile devices.

According to Google mobile-friendly websites, your first run on three configurations. Because Google can clearly understand the all setup of your mobile website through these three important configurations.

Responsive Web Design for better Mobile SEO

By using RWD your website will have same HTML code and same URL for content of the user’s chosen device. And you will use the Meta name tag within source course of your site. Then the settings of display changed for each visitor’s unique screen size.

Among SEO experts the Responsive Web Design is very accepted and it is also favorable by Google. You must be considered RWD because it is easy to share content from a single URL and Google also can easily mark your URL for higher search engine rankings. This design will help you to avoid common SEO and formatting mistakes.

Dynamic Serving

It is designed to have respond of the server with various HTML and CSS code on the same URL. For this imported task, you will need properly use of the HTTP headers. Headers help Googlebot to discover that your website has mobile-optimized content faster.

Separate URLs

Separate URLs configuration setup is involved to have different URLs for your website to successfully display your content on different mobile devices. Each URL is appointed with different HTML code for every respective screen size.

 It is new info about smart devices SEO. I wish you would like this. So, waiting for more informative articles about SEO & latest technology news.