A Network Operations Center, also called a NOC, can be hugely beneficial to businesses of all types and sizes. Here, we’re going to take a look at various NOC services, what they are, and why they might be important for a business like yours. Read on to learn more about noc definition, Responsibilities of NOC Engineer and Purpose of NOC etc.

What is The Importance of A Network Operations Center?

What does a Network Operations Center do?

A NOC is a place where fully trained and qualified administrators supervise, monitor, and maintain telecommunications networks. The network operations centre is the focal point for network troubleshooting, software distribution and updating, router and domain name management, performance monitoring, and coordination with affiliated networks.

What is the purpose of a Network Operations Center NOC?

A network operations centre (NOC) is a location where IT support technicians can supervise, monitor and maintain client networks. These centres are used to make sure that there is as little downtime as possible for clients.

What are the responsibilities of a NOC engineer?

There are a wide variety of services and responsibilities that a NOC engineer can provide. For instance, they may take care of performance reporting and provide recommendations for improvement if needed. They may take care of optimization and quality of service reporting, backup and storage management, and more. More responsibilities may include:

  • Email management services
  • Voice and video traffic management
  • Antivirus scanning and remediation
  • Shared threat analysis
  • Policy enforcement
  • Application software installations, troubleshooting and updating

What Are The Advantages of A NOC?

We’ve already discussed some of the advantages of a network operations centre, but here we’ll go into them in more detail. By working with a NOC, companies will get information whenever an issue arises. Technicians will work on issues in real-time and make sure that downtime is not an issue for their clients. More advantages include:

  • More time to spend on what’s important – both time and labour are saved when working with a network operations centre. You will be free to work on what you’re best at, and what is most important to you. With less on your plate, you’ll free up all-important time and mental energy. 
  • Reduced operating costs – a company can save a lot of money by choosing to work with a network operations centre. Operating costs will usually reduce, and because the business is working more effectively, profits may also increase.
  • Security management – An NOC can take care of the management of a business’ service and ensure it is consistent and in alignment with existing policies.
  • Uptime prioritised – as it is one of the main goals of a NOC to provide clients with uptime all the time, downtime is significantly reduced and in most cases, eliminated. 24-hour operating means problems can be found in an instant and teams work around the clock to keep systems running. Downtime becomes a thing of the past. There is always somebody available to ensure that any issues are dealt with efficiently and your business is kept online.
  • IT Resources Freed Up For Other Tasks – The IT team of business is free to take care of vital issues, rather than the routine maintenance of systems. Job satisfaction increases as a result, as does productivity. This is true for the entire team across the organization, and not just the IT team.
  • Immediate handling of incidents – when working with a NOC, businesses have the ability to have incidents taken care of any time of the day or night by remote staff. A business will be notified of issues immediately, and this way an issue can be addressed through the right channels.
How Can Businesses Benefit from Outsourced NOC?

Businesses can massively benefit from outsourced NOC. Time is freed up, money is saved, stress and downtime are a thing of the past – and this is just to name a few. You’ll have a team behind the scenes, notifying you of any issues and helping you to keep things running as smoothly as possible at all times, day or night.

What is The Importance of A Network Operations Center?

Without a network operations centre on your side, you’ll likely spend more money and time than necessary, and your focus will be taken away from the processes that you should be focusing on the most. Outsourced NOC is a smart way to reduce stress, improve productivity and profit margins, and ensure your business has the longevity factor.

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