Network Operations Center (NOC) team monitor the difficulties with large computer networks and servers from a central location. Analyze problems, troubleshoot and respond to system incidents, contact field technicians, and track problems to resolution.

What Are The Task Where Performed By NOC Services Team As the communications and IT industries continue to grow and become more complex, the labor market for NOC engineers is strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts employment growth of 12% by 2024 for all computer support specialists, including NOC engineers.

What Are Roles & Responsibility of NOC Team

NOC team are responsible for monitoring the health, safety and capacity of the client’s environmental structure. Make choices and modifications to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.

When any action from the MSP is required, noc team can create warnings that identify and categorize the issue based on severity, warning type and other criteria. Depending on the relationship between the NOC and the MSP, technical teams can then work together to resolve the problem.

NOC Technicians are categorized based on “levels,” which indicate the severity and difficulty of issues they handle. Levels are numbered from 1 (easier problems to solve, minor issues) and increase in their ability the most complicated of IT issues.

For example, in the case of a hardware disaster, an alert may be allotted to a Level 1 technician at first. However, upon further check, if the problem goes beyond the failed hardware, the ticket may be increased to a Level 2 or Level 3 technician.

NOC team will explore unusual network action, make technical changes, and organize assets that internal IT service providers rarely use to respond to emergencies situations.

Task Performed by a NOC Team

NOC team will perform a number of tasks to achieve the primary goal of monitoring and troubleshooting computers and communication networks and systems.

Monitor Systems

NOC team use a variety of tools to monitor the performance and capacity of computer systems. They are looking for hardware, software, and environment alerts or errors. Once the problem is identified, the NOC team works to identify the cause of the problem.

Troubleshoot Problems

If the problem affects IT services, NOC team will investigate or fix the problem as much as possible. NOCs usually have standard operating procedures that are followed closely by NOC engineers. This can include coordination with third parties, customer contacts or other IT teams.

Track all Issues

NOC engineers must closely monitor and document all issues and solutions while responding to incidents. This expands the NOC knowledge base and provides a record of system health. In many cases, the NOC has a ticket system where the NOC team is responsible for the renewal

Report Incidents

If the problem is too large for complex and rapid troubleshooting, NOC team need to manage the problem, escalate to other IT resources or to a third-party to get help with the solution. NOC team maintain continuous communication within and outside the team so that all interested parties are aware of the known problems and procedures that are being implemented.

Skills Required for A NOC Engineer

The following are the skills required for network operation center team:

Incident handlingMaster incidents that occur in NOC or corporate networks.

Documentation – You should be able to document problems and reports.

Monitoring infrastructure – To closely monitor faults, you need to know the internal operation and functionality of the NOC infrastructure.

Use experience – Must be familiar with the experience of NOC

Understand routing/switching pretty well – You need to know how information is routed and you need to be able to change routes as needed

Monitor systems – Must be competent, how the system is monitored and what to look for

Reporting – You need to be able to properly report on different aspects of your network.

Tracking issues – Controls the tracking of problems displayed in NOC

Troubleshooting the problems – Familiarity with and knowledge of how to properly fix your network and various issues.

Overall, this must be done properly to enable NOC. NOC shift supervisors, technicians and engineers must have a thorough knowledge of procedures and technical issues. The network should be monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that it works optimally for the clients.


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