Search Engine Optimization is one of the great methods and it is used to increase traffic to a website by getting a top-rank position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and they are Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO comprises two essential processes to improve website position in SERP that is known as ON Page SEO

ON Page SEO:

According to Indiashoppers On-page SEO states to the entire things that we do on our websites such as title, description, keyword stuffing, internal linking, content, image, and many more. Overall the on-page processes mean framing or creating your website to be search engine responsive.

10 on-page SEO techniques 2019

Top 10 On-Page SEO Techniques:

 1.Meta Tags– Some existing HTML keywords don’t come out on SERP but stay on in the code of your page and it plays a significant role to optimize a web-page. Your Meta tags HTML code must be targeted and proper keywords related to the content mentioned on the page. Meta tags codes can assist SERP to understand well that what your page is all about and also helps to show accordingly. You can boost a website ranking by implementing the top-targeted keywords in Meta tags.

2. Unique and high-quality content: It is true that more quality content you use on your posts, obviously the more traffic you will achieve. However, there are plenty of new websites that need proper and high ranked SEO results without using blog.

Write good quality of contents that can rank better and quickly on the search engine pages. Google trusts websites that publish more contents on a daily basis is worth always. Often, Google figures out your page to check how users respond and use machine learning to decide if this is useful. If you like it, of course, your website will get a better ranking position in SERP. 

3. Page Titles– it is also known as Meta-title that plays a crucial role in On-Page SEO performances. Initially, you have to check whether the entire pages and posts of your website are having proper and good titles. Also, these titles must incorporate the targeted keywords to your web-page.

In the meantime, it should look eye-catching to obtain lots of customers at a time and clicks so that number of taps on the post you acquire, so, this way it will get top ranks in SERP. Also, Page title should include the targeted keyword and the essential idea of your concern. It is highly recommended your titles should be 70 characters.

4. Responsive Website: This is an essential part of an On-Page SEO strategy that is quite tough to achieve. You need to build a responsive and SEO friendly websites that help to reach the top rank of search engine results. Though, it is important because Google has lately implemented the first mobile indexing procedure. This shows that Google rates your pages is mainly based on their users’ viewpoint on mobile devices.

You can set everything on a CMS by only installing a responsive template. Even though it depends on the installed plugins, some unique features might be affected. It’s not, in fact, a small change, but it provides an excellent result.

5. Meta Descriptions– Meta descriptions are crucial and it helps you to enter your site effortlessly. It is the fragment of information mentioned the link to the search result in SERP. It explains the reason for your business. Thus, an effective Meta description can convey & talk into the searcher to tap on your website and receive the information they are looking for. Many digital marketers pay attention to this but it cannot help you to get potential traffic, though you don’t comprise targeted and related keywords in Meta description.

6. Enhanced Speed of Site: However, images provide the utmost impact; other essentials can influence the loading speed of your website. Most of the time it’s connected to files, but often it can be done just because of PHP clashes or database questions that take enough loading time.

To stay away from clashes and database loading times, you can simply try to limit your plugin to the least amount. It’s almost imperative to have a fast speed website from On-Page SEO because you can badly affect your website even if you have a short hold-up in the loading time.

7. Improve Existing Contents: If your sites are already loaded with content that focuses on a specific keyword, so, don’t write anything else on a similar topic. You will go into the cannibalization of keywords when several pages compete for a similar keyword. You can apply for Digital Marketing Jobs to know more about this field.

8. Keyword Density– However, the appropriate keywords must be given in the website content but it should be limited if you mention more than limit the search engines can spam your website. Thus, it is highly recommended to keep your keyword density not more than 2% and remember it should also be a blend of Latent Semantic Indexing.

These are top on-page SEO techniques that should be followed in 2019