According to a new report published by Android Police that is making a number of bold claims about the future of OnePlus and how it is going to relate to the US market. Firstly, the outlet assures that not only there will be a phone called the 8 but it will be 5G-capable. In addition to this, it will be compatible with Verizon’s bands and it will be sold through this carrier.

OnePlus 8 Launching Verizon 5G

One Plus 8 Coming to the US

OnePlus has already secured a partnership with T-Mobile. With this, the flagships such as the 6T and 7T Pro McLaren Edition will be made available through this carrier. If this news proves to be accurate, then it will be a source of major revenue for the Chinese OEM in which it will add a 2nd US telecoms company as a vendor.

In addition to this, the Android Police have claimed that they have heard this story through “a source that is familiar with the company‚Äôs’ plans”. However, the report was not able to mention how the apparent new agreement will affect the pre-existing relationship between the OnePlus and T-Mobile – or if the phone in the question will be exclusive for its new putative carrier.

But again, the outlet is “confident” that the units of the 8 sold under this model will come pre-installed with Verizon’s bloatware and something that is at odds with the OEM’s Android skin’s normally the “burden less” reputation.

Here is Official intro of OnePlus 8

Source: OnePlus 8 2020 Official trailer concept design introduction