OnePlus executives have talked countless times about the wireless charging and power banks, but most of the response was not good and they use to say that “We will do it only if it is as fast as our wired charging standard.” But now it seems that it looks like OnePlus have finally figured out how to bring the fast charging to life. The evidence is the recent tweet by the Carl Pei that we are going to see OnePlus-branded power bank this year.

OnePlus Might Showcase Fast

The OnePlus 8 hype train is going to start soon and the Carl is firmly in the driver’s seat. The executive of the company is known for teasing the details of upcoming features and products. Moreover, the tweet above all confirms that we will see a OnePlus power bank this year. Being on the safe side, you might want to retweet Carl.

As far as the design of the power bank is concerned. OnePlus will have to look at its sister company Realme’s 10000mAh red power bank to get inspiration. The red hue links seamlessly with OnePlus’ design aesthetic, and it is considered that the OnePlus is already going to bundle red charging cables with every phone, so it will be the perfect color for their First power bank.

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OnePlus might even launch the power bank along with the OnePlus 8. A little rumor about the phone is that it will be supporting wireless charging. We need to hear more about the phone and it is a related accessory in the coming weeks, so you need to stay tuned.