Apple AirPods 2 – What’s Different

The new generation of the Apple AirPods have arrived. The design look similar to the previous generation but there are some changes that make it different from the previous generation. The new Apple AirPods are having following new features: This new generation is having wireless charging case. It is having Chip H1. It gives you

16 Key Elements for your On-page SEO in 2019

SEO is definitely an important player in the digital marketing world. If you are planning to improve your ranking along with the visibility on search engines, then you have to pay attention on this. SEO is having two further division such as Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. These both practices are done side by side

3 Ways to use Technology in the Food industry

We mostly give you info about the using of Technology in smartphones, apps, cars, and some other things but today we want your attention for 3 ways to use Technology in the food industry and we also talk about how we can use Technology in food industry for saving food and how we can produce

5 Superlative Cars in Technology World 2019

Today we talking about Cars. Consumer reports show its list of the 5 superlative Cars in Technology World on Thursday. In these days, Safety took top priority. Everyone want to save himself from sudden crashes. To make it sure, top companies of Car maker introduced emergency braking and auto Cars. These Cars are very awesome